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Midnight scares, summer frights,
Cautious self, peeking self,
They still find way, at times
I, rush off, to another corner.

Skinny, ugly creatures, I call
Mother to rescue, or others,
If they dominate room, I don’t
My worse enemy, other’s problems.

Fear was in the childhood story
When they fell on a friend dear
I still can’t bear their child
Reptiles, they are, the worst.

I hate them more, when on ground
And their poisonous brothers on ground
For they made quite a mess many times,
Fears are the creatures, I can’t manage

Other fears, existed once upon a time
Conquered they were, for innate they were
Today, living are more dreadful, then anything
Fight them, and I live, with conquest.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 26: Face your Fears


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