New Chapter

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Another chapter begins
With the every turn
A temporary bliss
But finally some ‘haven’.

A year full of new pages
I call what has passed
Still, a new chapter now
When I started relishing life.

Learnings, experiences, smiles
Knowledge, teachings, acquaintances
Bliss in every moment spend there
Grateful is heart, for the present.

Know not, of what new turns await
Imbibing all that is being given
Smiles tell my new story
Believe, only good, lie ahead.

New desires, naive ambitions,
New attractions, naive moments
New wishes, naive stupidity
New me, naive innocence.

I seek what, I know not
Past is lost, future unknown
In moments, I carry my life
Sailing it all, with thankfulness.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 23: Another Chapter Begins

P.S. : Little disconnected poem but still I hope it makes sense. Also, Happy Diwali to all those readers celebrating it 🙂

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