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Rebel is my middle name,
Say my parents quite often,
Youngest, yet most pampered,
Often in trouble, yet cherished.

Anger was often on the nose,
Often, shredded things in haste,
Seeking to fly even with freedom,
Things not many could understand.

Let down a bit too many loved ones,
Stood by what I truly believed in,
Fought to keep my talents flowing,
Even when were called frivolous.

Golden spoon is what I am born with,
Said most who knew me in younger days,
Then the wand of destiny played,
Darkness showed me the worst phase.

Poetry became my passion once,
Family couldn’t get it all,
Some saw it as a distraction,
Took a break, yet I came back.

Peace I found in spinning words,
Secret names I might keep now,
But I never let the magic fade,
For some gifts are in your fate.

Life showed many twists and turns,
Yet, I reclaim my territory often,
Choosing to stick with my desires,
Bringing revolution in other mindsets.

The games never cease to end,
Change I still bring everyday,
With new pupils being awakened,
World will be sane with them.

Long way to go I still have,
Many desires still to be attained,
Now I smile more and cry less,
Confidence is name of thy rebel.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 4: Poetry Revolution 


P.S.: I think this poem needs a bit of a background. What is referred in it is my rebellion to stick to keep writing poetry and keep teaching courses related to feminism or gender at the university. Somehow, that poetry rebellion won and the battle to stick with the subject I love is still on but when I see my students’ changed mindsets or they choosing to change society , it is worth it all. So poetry and feminism is my small revolution.


9 thoughts on “Rebellion

  1. Yay to both: poetry and feminism is my small revolution.

    And happy to read this: “Now I smile more and cry less”

    Your poem kept me interested, I wanted to know what happened next (I’m easily bored sometimes, that’s meant as a compliment).

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