You are…


You are
Poetry in motion
You speak
I just wonder
You say
I stand still
You object
I never repeat
You imagine
I weave along
You crave
I still relish
You are
I just desire.

You are
River in motion
You sail
I breath deep
You flutter
I despair more
You rise
I am aghast
You trick
I am curious
You still
I find solace
You are
I just dream.

You are
Silence in motion
You inhale
I skip beats
You smell
I desire gluttony
You play
I sail smoothly
You scribble
I stare blankly
You whistle
I just admire
You are
I just yearn.

You are
Wind in motion
You breeze
I just inhale
You stroll
I live bliss
You fly
I smile quietly
You move
I hold on
You hush 
I hear it
You are
I just feel.

You are
Music in motion
You rhyme
I feel peace
You tinkle
I move along
You rise
I dance ferociously
You blabber
I fill words
You fly
I run behind
You are
I just listen.

You are
Words in motion
You concur
I embrace it
You think
I spill ink
You mean
I find essence
You move
I coin heartbeats
You flow
I exhale aloud
You are
I just scribble.

You are
Passion in motion
You near
I move back
You stare
I melt away
You speak
I feel choked
You hold
I anxiously shake
You touch
I crave more
You are
I just tempt.

You are
Love in motion
You fall
I am trapped
You rise
I am ecstasy
You whisper
I feel gooey
You touch
I shake within
You dream
I see heaven
You are
I just smile.

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