Endings is what we have had many
Many I call lack of closures
Closures is what I seek now
Now is the time says the heart.

Heart only loved the one that was you
You were indeed the changed persona
Persona that made me pity your fate
Fate that made you leave all that was true.

You came back running after all these years
Years when I thought of how to confront your lies
Lies are what that still define how you belied me
Me was the innocent fool who knew nothing but love.

My heart finally knew that I had learned to say ‘No’
‘No’ was something I never knew when you were around
Around you existed I am glad,  for I cherish memories
Memories indeed made me the person I am today.

I pray today for you to no longer test the patience
Patience I still keep to somehow maintain this friendship
Friendship I cherish for the promise I once made
Made to the one I trusted way too much.

Life has indeed moved quite much from the past
Past taught me the lessons and I am glad
Glad it ended when the time was just right
Right or wrong were you, I no longer think.

In my words I found the peace when you left
Left me in tears, its they who gave solace
Solace is in this writing which is now the passion
Passion to create I found, and with it give you closure.

This is Loop Poetry.
Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 31: Endings and New Beginnings.

35a81-journalImage Source

P.S. : Thank you so much #OctPoWriMo to make me realize that I could be so disciplined to write one poem a day for 31 days without missing a day. It was the toughest challenge but you guys really pushed me to the brink and I succeeded. You will be terribly missed. I loved writing each and every poem with you all and will love missing that challenge of forcing myself to write every day even after a busy day.  Hope you all readers had a good time reading few of my writes too 🙂

Also thank you Nimue for believing in me and encouraging me always. Also, thank you Sonalika and Aavika  for their love and encouragement in the whole month. I completed it for you guys were around.


10 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Good poem…I can relate to “…innocent fool who knew nothing but love.” The longer I live the more confusing love seems to be at times. Even the saying to follow your heart is not always as clear cut as I think it should be.

  2. That is so great to be a part of a challenge so hard. I know I couldnt do it! 🙂

    Your poem was so intense.You captured those feelings with their true essence though 🙂

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