Here Lies Someone…


Here lies the one who sought just love
Gave it out to everyone that wanted it
Breathed it in the ink with which it scribbled
Spread it around with the warmth of a smile.

Here lies the one who was a mindless dreamer
Dreamed of all that exists and wasn’t theirs
Dreams of an utopia reality was often seen
In the end, maybe a fairy tale was all wanted.

Here lies the one who was a passionate believer
In the next work of art that was just in mind
Or maybe even the desire only they knew
And they did lived to fulfill them, till today.

Here lies someone who had ambitions that skyrocketed
One day, they did achieve it all, for they knew
And left it all , to travel around for sake of love
Leaving all in hand of tiny tots, who cry for them.

Here lies someone who lived for everyone but themselves
They made a home filled with cinnamon rolls and inks
Laughter of their tiniest mixed with books speak
Here indeed lies someone, who in reality truly lived.

This is an Epitaph Poem.

Written as part of the OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 29: Epitaph Poems

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P.S. This week has been un-usually busy with late night works and then again early mornings, so forgive me for not reading work of others and not doing justice to writing. But since I had taken the challenge and it would be unfair to leave in the last two days so I just scribbled out. Will get back to you all soon 🙂


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