Little Princess


The youngest one, I remember
And the pampered one was she
Quiet and the different one
But princess of everyone.

The rebel streak she had
Studies she didn’t like
And struggled to keep friends
Yet the dearest of all.

Her brother called her angel
Showered with all surprises
And she smiled forever
For he was his ideal.

She yearned all the trips
To be with her only granny
For she was the sweetest
Like her uncle she lived with.

Running from here to there
Cousins just elevated her
Those trips she forever cherished
For she was queen in that place.

She still remembers and smiles
How life gave her quite much
Scrapped knees has healed
And she still look up to her ‘bhai’.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 24: Go Back and Go Back Again.


P.S. ‘ Bhai’ is a term of endearment for brother.

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