Numbers Speak


I know you hated me for them
But then I smiled with them
Gosh your memory, you often said
And these numbers, I loved.

End of January it was, you said
Twenty ninth, I whispered, teasingly
You smiled and said, tell when we met?
I smirked to mark another date then.

That thirty first haunted long
For you let anger spill once
Letting one go who held you close
I called it the dark new year’s.

Then there were few many’s
Like that twenty sixth
And that one twelfth dearest
Many more dates of memories.

What still haunts is a number two
For it influenced your birth
One who snatched away this heart
To smash it off beyond any repairs.

Written as part of the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 23: 35a81-journalNumber Theory

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