First Love


When I think of untold words
I couldn’t help but think of you
We have not really had our last word
Yet there is silence about certain talks. 

We weren’t meant to last, for it was fate
I knew it was all about love, yet I accepted
I never knew when I let all boundaries go
For I just want you near, even if unreal.

You know what was that defines us the most?
That was one thing that went astray in end?
That thing which tortured me deep till the end ?
For I desired that you said it at least once?

Trust and honesty kept us together in hard times
No conspiracy, no be-littering worked for we had ‘us’
We knew, all lies melt away, in the embrace
For we knew in the other eyes, only truth spoke.

Today, sometimes I just question our love
Today, I just quench within at your lies
Today, I wonder what is left for you to keep
Today, then I wonder what ties you if it wasn’t love.

The head often says all that was fun
It often says you found greener pastures
It says love was never known to you
And then I wonder what makes you seek still.

I still remember those days when we part ways
I remember your tears and your plead all way
When we met, I had lost all I had for you
Yet I know, life tossed for us since then.

Hard is how I define what was then lived
My lucky mascot was gone in a vaccum
You survived what even my words can’t say
And that makes me wonder maybe love was sane.

I know  you did hid those names 
Maybe you did to save yourself and hurt me less
But then when I think of being the buffoon
I wonder where did my love just go that wrong?

Reality is in front of my eyes, yet I never ask
You still seek the friendship and I am too hurt
We have moved on way beyond our pasts to talk
But then I do seek just one instant where I confront

I seek to question you for all the lies you said
I seek to ask why didn’t you ever trust me as much
I seek to ask you of whose love did you really faked
I seek to ask you just once, why did you spoil my first love?

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 16: Last Word 


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P.S. I wanted to write this piece in a very different way when I saw the prompt. But then the day took my energies and I just wrote it all down as I could forgetting all creativity, for I had to.


12 thoughts on “First Love

  1. Very poignant and sweet. I especially liked the lines “all lies melt away, in the embrace
    For we knew in the other eyes, only truth spoke” There truly is nothing like first love. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I must say, for me you are not the best love poet ever. I can see that you truly feel every word from you heart and thence, these beautiful lines flow swiftly from your pen.

    Naby, I wish I could write about love like you do and I feel I would need to spend so much more time with you to love LOVE like you do. This is fabulous!

  3. The Title itself left me Numb in ways, the poem that followed stirred some long lost memories. It was lovely, In a way that cant be described in words of any language.
    I know you might not have penned it as planned but then all of your fans would love to read the originally planned poem as well, esp me. 😛
    So do give it a thought, dear lady.

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