A Promise

Today, the theme for OctPoWriMo is reply poetry. So,  I have chosen the poems of  a poet I have been following lately called Neeraj Kumar. He is absolutely breathtaking with his words and one of his latest poem somehow intrigued me to write this poetry. His poem is called ‘Love Again’ and could be found here. I am not copy pasting the poem here so as not to infringe on copyrights, so please visit the site and read the poem before reading my reply. Thank You.


Love is something I once did
Everything was alive like you now feel
He was someone you might never seek
For he was a demon with face to heal
Broken was just a word then, as I think
Touching my soul, with his lips, he did
I loved rains back then, for the very first time
Even the sun was never hard, with him near
Then one fine day, clouds appeared to take him far.

My eyes just cried for days in remorse
For he was their only spark I knew
Dreams were empty and the end seemed near
Even he promised me all that you do today
Leaving me pains that seem like nightmare everyday
I know you want me to feel once again
I will try to learn the art of love today
But can you promise to live with me till doomsday?

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 10: A Poetry Collage


Image Source

P.S. I will request a small favour from my followers today.  Sarthak Ahuja just told me today that one of my old works, An Era Defining Me has been plagiarised and is reproduced at another site without my permission. I have requested the owner of the site to bring it down but would be grateful if you all can just visit it and let the owner of the site know about the wrong being done. The plagiarised version of my work can be found here.

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