Yes, Only You.


Today I want to say a lot to you
Through the moon, and the stars
I seek to just speak the truth
Its gonna be just about you.
Yes, only you.

Remember the first time we ever met
That first cup of coffee we ever shared
Its there and then I realized it all
Its gonna be fun just with you
Yes, only you.

The walks and the talks were all a spell
Sat my brain down, the heart very then
Magic trapped me, as I ran like hell
Its gonna be magical just with you
Yes, only you.

It was not before long that we had our first kiss
Smilingly our hands intertwined, as I was your miss
We laughed, we cried and yet were at peace
Its gonna be love just with you
Yes, only you.

It’s been long that we have been sailing through
You have said your mind, and await my truth
I have nothing more to say, but the worth
Its gonna be life just with you
Yes, only you.

This is a Lyrical Poem.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 9:Lyrical Poetry


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P.S. I haven’t attempted lyrical poetry before. Also, after a long day, my creative juices are almost gone. But I attempted something short and hopefully it is lyrical.

8 thoughts on “Yes, Only You.

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I Love the song a heart sings when it has found its missing part. This poetry unites them. A bond unbreakable.

    I was low on inspiration myself so had to post a small post. I would sure love to capture the lyrical poem post some day. Until then.. Happy writing 🙂

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