There are dreams
Of closed eyes
And sealed lips
Unconsciously felt deep.

Dreams we know
As a shadow
Kind that kills
If not believed.

Fantasies they say
Of unreal tales
Believed by insane
Like pure touches.

Behind closed doors
Lies tattered pains
I once threw
In healing seas.

Water consumed truth
I called grotesque
Nonchalantly I smiled
Fearing no soul.

Standing at altar
Of magic wands
I pray profusely
Earthy desires flow.

Eyes warm again
Of transparent wishes
One which seek
Only you now.

Love they call
Resides in heart
Which I feel
Through you again.

Also Prompted @3WW, Theme Thursday and Inspiration Monday.

15 thoughts on “You

  1. How warm this is as the pain of the past is banished and love is felt again. I particularly liked the pain being thrown in healing seas.

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