Self Love


Wordless silence adorns me
Deep insight of a bereavement
I anticipate nothing anymore
Lips quiver in frozen fears.

Double faces I saw not
Hypocrisy was never me
Innocence lost, Smirks head
Thus is born another cynic.

Serene was my mind
With every fake word
Comforting in danger lines
Unaware of the lie you.

How best were we
Illusions were all you
Some needs, I fulfilled
Some words, You gave.

I die within again
Reminded of promises, just
And thrashed, for inquistiveness
You liked, I distress.

Broken ties, I anticipated
Shhh, said the love
I wondered, of perfectness
Today laughs, my experience.

Skeptically, I watch vacuum
Heart whispers some lullaby
Reminds of all scars
Given when I skipped.

Another lesson, I presume
Another hurt, I pain
Another warning, I take
Another balm, I want .

Fearless I , just walk
Thorns will prick hurt
Promise another change, maybe
Embracing only, self love.

Till life, smiles again
I blow magical words
I hear, some rhymes
And hope, for love.

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Also Prompted @Inspiration Monday, 3WW, Theme Thursday and Sunday Scribblings.


21 thoughts on “Self Love

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  2. So much back and forth of sadness and then refusal to take it anymore, then with the hope one usually has after the hurt is gone. I think it is good to get it all out of one’s system and maybe there is always a little that lingers but with hope one loses a lot of the pain and then when a new and better love is found one almost forgets and just sees it as a different time in their life. They always say to go to the places where you would go to with your new love and that maybe you will find the person who is meant for you. I have heard stories about this can work but not sure although it sounds like a good idea.

    Thanks for sharing this with us at Theme Thursday. I hope you are having a peaceful week and enjoying whatever company comes your way.

    God bless.

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