I Break, To Fly

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Smiles turn into sadness in moments
And I sit to wonder of all wrongs
For the path I took was always right
And somehow a wrong turn, I regret.

Some laughs and lots of smiles I fetch
Some true love I was seeing all along
Then a cold shoulder, and arrogant look
And I knew , maybe a wrong judge I was.

Then there was a hand who I was scared
Holding me, all along, it just smiled
Messed was my persona, It still waited
And I smiled, for world isn’t all bad.

Some arrogance, and some pride, infiltrated
For people not worth, even a single tear
They faked care, in times I sought it all
But illusions were they, is all I now know.

I was never the bad one, I just loved
And then I see a blackened image in mirror
I despice, other might even judge, to hate
But I realize there is no other way to live.

I break, and cry. I shout and give up.
Wrong are the paths, and even demons I meet
Maybe a new life is all that I today seek
Erasing all memories, wiping what hurts.

This heart choose to be free, from attachments
I held close for I felt that it was I which matter
But wrong was my views, wrong was all that was me
Today I crumble my past, to find a new myself.

A new beginning, where all that matter will be me
A new place, a new life, and most of all new people
Untraceable would be my steps , unless I choose to take you
For enough have I given heed and begged, now I just fly.

P.S.  This work might not make sense or not be creatively good  but I had to just take it out somewhere.

6 thoughts on “I Break, To Fly

  1. Who said it isn’t. This work is creative, makes sense and is offcourse good 🙂
    We all look at past for support, answers, trying to find ourselves…we do…you are no different!!!

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