Lost Soul

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Trials and tribulations
Tears and Sorrows
I sat alone
In world mighty.

All I see
Is empty hands
With faltering steps
Seeking the undesired
In a bowl.

Passions lay tired
In the embrace
Of the unknown
I  seek light.

Derelict I see
In the mirror
An image unreal
Losing the sanity.

Cut and paste
Tests and errors
Life at standstill
Awaiting a masterpiece.

Medicate the self
To wipe dust
From destiny lines
Says the mind.

I apologize again
To the almighty
For sins lost
Seeking a miracle.

Less in hand
Wishes are large
Dreams I had
When I started.

Bow to thy
I once again
If not anything
Then grant smiles.

Also prompted @3WW, Inspiration MondayTheme Thursday, Sunday Scribblings and Poetry Pantry.

19 thoughts on “Lost Soul

  1. I think that most of us are looking for miracles in our lives but we probably rarely see the miracle we are hoping for. And I think there are a lot of times when we feel alone. Luckily these feelings pass and we see a second chance if we are able to make changes and then we always have “hope” deep inside our hearts and souls. I hope all goes well you.

    Thank you so much for sharing your poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. May your week be blessed with lots of joy, kindness, and a few miracles, even if they are just everyday miracles.

    God bless.

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