Quiet Love


Silence speaks to me tonight, like I know not
For moments of laughter, and tears I know not
It whispers all through, in to the ears that hear
It speaks of all the moments, lost forever in haste.

It blows to my side, alphabets only I can recognize
It flew through the dry leaves, in whistles of magic
As the bird preach me alone, of romance in the darkness
The sadness of the road, today has a tale to tell.

A lanky persona falls in memory as I think of the moment
The one closest to winds breeze, of beats conversing alone
A moon whispered some intoxication into those eyes of thy
Uniting the sky to sing a poem, of love that wasΒ felt.

Looking through the stars, and trifling through the sand
We teased each other, through the lesson of friendship
A chemistry as of the angels, spoke through our stares
Before we knew, a tree shielded us, in that cold winter night.

Come with me, I said, as I took him through quiet lanes
With not a soul to be seen, I introduced him to senses
To read, what no one ever could, even when mind is crowded
He did it all, as he showered gratitude, with that one kiss.

No royal blood, we belonged to, nor of the uniting flames
Separation was our game, someday lost will we will, in woods
He was the popular one, I was the naive one
One day, we were the sparkling bond, emitting jealousy, to others.

His charm spoke, as I recorded it all in memory, in breaths
We conversed, of words and books, of music and movies
We spoke to realize, we were one in thoughts, with difference
Ultimatum gave our heart, in those times, when fingers intermingled.

Mysterious were his eyes, when they talked of hope, seeing none
I sought to just touch, the soul, hardened to the world ways
One day, It melted like wax, to fall on my feet, and thus begun
Destruction we called it, for there was no way, to return alone.

Once laying him in the grass, I read him the abstract dedication
Poetry heals I said, tears were all he could give, in embrace
To the stars, we sent our story, enveloped in our pains
Promising a visit, every time the pain was way too harsh.

We conversed, today, after all these decades of misery
In silent breaths, of what I could not undergo all alone
Of lives hidden in the moon, and those tiny stars of his
In the breeze I again felt his touch, speaking of his quiet love.

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Also Prompted @3WW, OSI, Sunday Scribblings, Carry on Tuesday, Theme Thursday, Inspiration Monday, Trifecta, Poets United, One Minute Writer, andΒ The Sunday Whirl

35 thoughts on “Quiet Love

  1. Sigh…:(
    Hope that time could last
    Engross u forever in his arms
    Hope that silence spoke
    Of not only love but of furture and forever more…

  2. They say it is better to have loved and lost it then to have never loved at all. This poem explains why that is so. I sometimes wonder if we all have a love that we lost or we let it get away, or do we just think we have that. Either way it is nice to have daydreams about it and sometimes to wish that maybe if only things would be different, but then again maybe they would not.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem that brought tears to my eyes for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have a week surrounded by those who love you and may peacefulness stay in your soul.

    God bless.

    • Ahh the saga of lost love. I guess lucky are those who have tales to tell about it. And that ‘what if’ is meant to be just two words sometimes πŸ™‚
      Thank You so much πŸ™‚
      God Bless πŸ™‚

  3. True love is sublime but it doesn’t come easy. We hope we are like the owl and the pussycat sailing away in a beautiful pea green boat. It is just a lot harder in real life. There can be few readers that have not been hurt in love. I am not sure I wanted to be reminded of that though!

  4. Hello..This is one more awesome composition by you. I wanted to ask what inspired your interest in poetry and would you care to give a little detail about your career and education? ( If you don’t want to..then it’s perfectly fine) πŸ™‚

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