Abused was the word,
She heard unconsciously
With blood piping down
As if a flood came across.

Photographs were captured
Within her innocent mind
As she struggled to live
Nightmares engulfed her .

He was just a friendly face
Smiling with alluring games
She was  a fresh bud still
Unknown to the filthy surrounds.

He had a color in his expressions
As if he loved her presence
He begged her with a ‘please’
To accompany him to the next corner.

Anomaly was he in the world
Isolation he preferred somewhere
Yet, all she saw was some nicety
Not his quest  to exploit her flesh.

A dreaded dragon unleashed on him
With a hunger forbidden by devils
Her giggles and love could no stop
When he approached her with desire.

A path of destruction he paved
For she was too little to endure
Yet, heart was never he had
A monstrous animal fell on her.

The cries were all in vain today
Trust taught a new lesson in life
An innocence was lost for her
When she struggled to keep it safe.

A rescuer somehow hear her pain
But she was long dead by then
An angel had brought her to earth
Forgetting devil await to molest.

Accusations will fly here and there
Politics will play chess in her name
Sympathy and love will take rounds
Some will even seek to kill ‘one’ satan.

With the slight of a hand decisions happen
Yet, we still forget to teach humanity
Says the eyes of the girl in the dead bed
 Then ‘ the show must go on’ and it does.

I may die, or I might survive like stone,
Says the innocent mind of the tarnished
Respect the future, clean the mind
For I desire, no other to be abused.


Written for NaPoWriMo-Day 18

Also Prompted @ 3WW, A-Z blogging Challenge ( P for Photographs), The Sunday Whirl, Inspiration Monday, Trifecta, Carry on Tuesday, Theme Thursday, OSI and We Write Poems

P.S.  I generally avoid writing on social issues but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t disturb me. But mere words would do nothing. So unless I am capable enough to touch a life and improve it I let people judge me. But then, the latest case of a 5 year old baby girl just made me go numb. Read about it here. So I thought let me give my readers something to think about and help making some change. For I believe changes don’t come by protests or punishments but by influencing the internal thinking and mentality of the people who can be future criminals or may borne them . I hope I could  contribute a bit to that through this piece.

27 thoughts on “Abused

  1. it is a difficult subject to read about. Your poetry brought tears to my eyes. I have never understood how men (and sometimes women) can do such hidious things to another human being…I applaud your daring to write about it. We can only hope that it will make at least a small dent somewhere.

  2. Maybe you should write about social issues more often. Perhaps we all should. I agree with with you that we need to try to change the internal thinking of people. It seems that our society has become desensitized in many ways.

  3. People who write about things that happen and we are talking the darker side of life always come up with brilliant creative writing. Sometimes writing about social issues can inspire you to greater heights. Don’t stop, let the energy flow…………

  4. Such a sad story to read about and the interesting comments left by people almost accusing each other of so many things. I think there are sick people out there in every country but what was surprising to me was how many of them wanted to legal prostitution to prevent something like that from happening again. I thought that was kind of sick because they almost seemed to think it was okay to treat a prostitute like shit and that they were not worth anything. What is wrong with people thinking that a prostitute wants to be abused and mutilated. Such sick, sick people out there. I personally think that the man should be castrated so that he cannot have sex with anyone ever again. Or I have been lead to understand that there is a chemical castration or something in one’s brain where the castration occurs. I say to do all three just to be safe and then maybe when others see what happens to those who are so sick, sick, sick in their brains then they would think twice before doing something like that.

    My heart goes out to the poor baby girl. Supposedly here in the U.S. that 70% of all women have been raped or attempted to be raped at one time in their life. Castration would truly help rid ourselves of this problem.

    I also agree with others in that maybe you should write about social issues especially since you have so much talent.

    Thank you so much for bringing this information to the rest of us here at Theme Thursday, we always need it. I hope you have a safe and wonderful week.

    God bless.

    • Your thoughts on prostitution made me remember a native song which in English would go “Women gave birth to men, and men gave them brothels”. People somehow put them into such places and think they are not even human. Saddens me the most.

      Such thoughts make me think where is humanity going. Recently I read a report of two men raping and killing a cow and I had no words left to say. Doomsday is not far off I say with the kind of animals we are becoming.

      What is even more disturbing is the fact that most rapers come from family, relatives, friends, acquaintances or neighbors. A report goes if we sentence murder to them, most families will not even report such cases for question of ‘honor’.

      I also agree, castration should be the only punishment. And there should be no relief for any raper, influential or not. Only then can this evil be controlled.

      My family and friends in U.S. always say such things hardly exists there. But your statistics make me think maybe everywhere women are subjected to this. Just things are not led into media much.

      I will try writing on issues once a while. It is such a disturbing thing that it is often tough to write on issues you care for.

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your view.

      God Bless

      • Oh that is so scary to hear about the cow and those are some sick men for doing that. And I too always wonder how these men can be birthed and raised by women. Do they have so little respect for the women in their lives that they treat other women in such a disgusting manner? Although I also think that studies show that most of these men who do these things were molested by a man in their life and they somehow blame the females for not protecting them. All it shows is that there are so many sick people out there who are making more sick people.

        I feel the only way to possibly put an end to these sick happenings is to bring them out into the open. Just as the raping of the women in Egypt was going on and since everyone kept silent it continued, but once it was brought out into the open most of the country was shamed into making it stop. Even if you only help one person then you have done something truly wonderful. So if everyone shouts it out from their rooftops then something will change.

        God bless.

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