Infinite Souls

A massive darknesss enclose self
Driving me in deep recesses
A conundrum is what it proved
To that twisted desire I held.

Forever bereft stayed the face
That sought me even in distances
For the abhorred  fate nearing
I sought just moments , with you.

The aid you provided in thy presence
Often snatched in the games of mind
When universe conspired against dreams
I tarnished it all away in the pit of the hand.

One fine evening it indeed was , you said
In paradox lived your discombobulated self
I knew nothing, but the soul talks back then
As you resisted all that your eyes spoke.

Embracing the truth, our silences spoke aloud
Tears found a last outlet, in serenity of us
You wondered if the memories will ever be enough
For that was my decision, you disliked.

I looked in those deep questioning eyes
That had everything just for me then
I succumbed down, as some dew blessed
You will be the only dream , I uttered.

Snatching the night once more, we begged time
Sat in the laps of the nature to pave way
For a story that will retain essence in eternity
Till infinity, we remain the soul mates.


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