Empty Existence


Tears in my eyes have a tale after long
Confessions I choose to make
To remove the stress that resides
From the life I now detest.

Relieving the moment that made sense
Of transformations I underwent alone
And cheerful laughter having no outlet
With deadly silences the new persona.

Golden spoon is your story
Often they said in jest
Smoothness was my destiny
Until a black hole settled.

Teased, bullied and often laughed
Yet I found happiness in people
For few understood the shine
And the honesty that was rare.

Lot of hands held me in tears
Sharing more than just smiles
For I had the oomph they desired
And in rare ones I found truths.

Then a tough call happened along
Isolation bounced forth alone
Priorities were to be chosen
And decisions to be made.

Society I kept afar in a jar
For close I kept some wrongs
I smiled and laughed for attention
Till I knew where the road passed.

I awoke at the right time
Yet the hands were again empty
For in that struggle to lose
I left all in a faraway land.

Some fake moments I gathered 
For they gave me smiles in hurt
I didn’t mind the ridicule befalling
Following storms of the devil.

A cut was once again made
This time it left a wound
With path breaking moments
And some mental collapses.

Life moved once again
With options to relive
Procrastinating the wait 
 I sat and settled ‘alone’ reality.

People again tried to surround
But confronted my silence
For I was there as another
And not someone loved.

Distances had a difficult effect
From being the ever-present being
I was someone with its own esteem
Lonely, but I chose to not lose.

I whimper in my bearing everyday
With a bruised soul that pains
For losing people dear and near
And left with empty existence.

Also Prompted @Theme Thursday, Two Shoe Tuesday  and Pondering with a Purpose

12 thoughts on “Empty Existence

  1. This was a very personal poem about the struggles and changes we go thru in life, and I could relate very well to it. I think we do tend to be more careful about how much of ourselves we will share with others as we go along and experience the pain of misunderstanding. If you have found your place of peace in all of it, you have done well. That is the place I have also arrived at, it does not matter what others think we should be or do. Thank you for sharing this with us at Two Shoes Tuesday, don’t forget to return on Tuesday and add a link! 🙂

  2. You have put into words so much about heartache and the struggles we go through during our lives. Each of us have our own cross to bear and we can choose to be stronger or curl up into a ball and wait it out. I think we at different times do both of these. And while others try to help us, in the end we have to help ourselves. We may not always be successful but as long as we have tried our best then, it is all we can ask of ourselves. We live in a complicated world and our struggles may be different then what our ancestors went through, it doesn’t mean they are any easier. But survive we do and we get on with our lives because we always have hope that things will get better. Hope is a beautiful thing to have.

    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. May your weekend be filled with lots of laughter, joy, and blessings around you.

    God bless.

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