Symbol of Love


Searching through the closet of memories, something held me ajar. A box full of happiness, closed since time immemorial.  I heaved with some astonishment at it. The color stood still and even the polish, like the day I wore it last. The night stood still as if it was just here.  I Pondered over the freshness of the scene that was here once again . The smiles, the individuals, and that ornament waved again.  That object of desire was affront and I fell in love with its presence.  “Watch out” said he just before catching me while turning  the sides of a saree I wore.  Before I knew, that musical tinkle was donned into my hands. Ah! The nostalgia. Valid it doesn’t seem but is my heartbeat. Today, the hand is no longer here but I still own these chime of memories. These bangles of love.


Also prompted @3WW, Inspiration Monday and ABC Wednesday (F for Freshness)

7 thoughts on “Symbol of Love

  1. The last two sentences are beautiful! “the chime of memories”; i can hear the clink of the bangles and that someone you love once wore them is beautiful imagery

  2. Really cool one. So vividly describes that feeling when you stumble across something you’d forgotten about, that brings back memories as if they happened yesterday. Nice work.

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