A Life to Live


Resigning to the fate of anonymity she chose solitary confinement in haste. Now, this window is her touch with the world outside. The trees often sing her a song when the breeze plays the flute. The love of the sparrow often make her heart beat in jubilation. There is a stream that flows nearby and sound of the waves often make her yearn. The thread of life is passing by and all she has is some shreds of memories. People outside often wonder, how this illuminated household turned gloomy. Having tasted all that was lovely, sourness saddens her. How this fearless child became an inward is clueless. Her tale is trepidation for many .  But then reality speaks of certain plans that backfired and loneliness befriended her. Situations often embarrasses us, and you wonder if this is destiny. Such thoughts irate her mind and so she  moves more aloft.

However, today she has a decision at hand. A door to open. A smile to give. She is letting the lights to enter her. Inspite of  everything, certain wounds  are her eternal best friends. However, she still has a life to live.

Also Prompted @ 3WW, Inspiration Monday, OSI, Sunday Scribblings, Simply Snickers and The Sunday Whirl.

P.S.  Writing fiction after a while so hope I don’t disappoint my readers 🙂

P.S.S. I had another ending to this story where I ended it this way

“Inspite of everything, crutches are still her best friend”

Which ending do you prefer?

11 thoughts on “A Life to Live

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