I take the path I hate
Once again through by-lanes
Dreams and wishes, all mine
Like the fragrances I smelt alone.

Charisma of smiles hold back
The magic never seen before 
I experienced in those eyes
That steal me to reach heaven.

Some blushes and giggles transpire
Below the rains that wet us
Love was giving its clue
To one, and laughs to the other.

Sleepless nights and some waits
Tears of impatience, and wrongness
Immunity was sought to hurt
In some infatuated dreams seen.

Secrets kept, in conversations
Desires and beauty grew alone
Hands touch to kindle a romance
Which reeked only of innocence.

Gorgeousness in thoughts I saw
Flirtatious teasing were loved
Story they wrote, I know not
Feelings beautiful, they experienced.

Some sadness might have come
If the heart had played long
But destiny has some miracles
Infatuated souls were not they.

A beautiful relation born
Out of fights and smiles
And love seed stayed forever
Best Friends, for life, they became.


Also Prompted @ Inspiration Monday, Sunday Scribblings, OSI, The Sunday Whirl,Poets United, Simply Snickers, Trifecta and Theme Thursday.


50 thoughts on “Infatuation

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  2. Miss Whispers, your words are soothing like aloe, real as the air I breath…”Some blushes and giggles transpire, Below the rains that wet us..” I adore this sentence. I love your tattoos by the way 😉 Good work. Feel free to follow me too..

  3. It is almost as if this is about unrequited love which there is so much of that which goes around. We seem to fall in love with so many people who never love us in the same way but luckily we usually find someone who does. And if as you write we are lucky enough to become friends with those we once loved then it is all the that much better. Love comes and goes but best friends can be forever. You always have such a beautiful writing style and I very much enjoy reading it and reading between the lines.

    Thank you so much for sharing such a heartfelt poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. May all your dreams be coming true for this weekend and may you be enjoying the company of great friends.

    God bless.

    • Sigh….so very true…if only most such feelings end as friendships…they would never be that sigh for too long..

      I love how you can always read between lines 🙂

      Thank You for the wishes and wish you the same 🙂

      Be blessed 🙂

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