Freedom Redefined


July ended and there was this sense of extreme freedom which can never be defined. I had no idea what will happen next but all I knew was that a milestone was indeed achieved. An ecstasy that could never be expressed. All I needed was some rest, good food and just loads of sleep. Nothing really mattered at that time. A vacuum was left, with choices. It was up to me to make the decision to move wherever I want and yet I was utterly confused. But, then freedom was redefined in the month that followed.

August was a month of some spirituality for me. A bit of rest, a lot of fun, socializing again and loads of spiritual cleansing.  It was also a month of mental peace after a long time. I didn’t even realize where the month went in fasts and sleeps and foods. But yes, it was also a month of lot of post stress illness. Sigh, I am still fighting ill health even after six months. I even ended falling ill on day of a feast and spent the day in bed when the house was supposed to rejoice. So, August was not really good or bad but it did ended on a beautiful note.

Last week of August meant me going on few months of sabbatical as many saw. Well, the explanation for it was just one. A family reunion after a while. And the first glimpse of my year something nephew. Though, virtual and social isolation happened, my home was one joy ride.

August brought a little member to my house who took away all worries and brought only smiles. That night, the airport wait and sleeplessness was worth that first touch, embrace and smile. He was to become that one baby, that I could carry like my own and spend hours and hours with. Also, he brought unlimited happiness to the stressed house of old parents.


Reunions also meant some priceless gifts. I got my lucky stone as an astonishing gift I can never express. A gift I now call as my luck quotient which my sibling gifted me. My first apple product arrived and loads of cosmetics and gifts I cherish apart from my chocolates :-). But, the best gift will always be that little angel of mine.

Before, I knew September was here . September was all about sleeping, smiles, loads of food, lot of outings and shopping  It also meant lot of partying, few meetups, and lots of eating outs. And amidst these things, I learnt and grew a few more. Baby in the house taught a lot many lessons. Lessons to change diapers and clothes,  putting a crying baby to sleep, taking care of the cranky and hungry infant and loads of smiles. The first experience of being like a semi-mom was indeed good and best is when the infant uses his teasing antics on you which makes you just laugh. Trust me making a baby laugh his lungs out is the best stress buster. So, fall was indeed a season of just family and smiles.

Freedom was setting me free,
Glint in the eyes speak,
Dreams were all mine,
As I set foot on another mission.

Reflections of what past by,
And what were to be achieved,
In the glory of the August sky
Redefined all that was mine.

One broken string stood lose
For I was too afraid to pick
What I left in the dark
Ages back in unknown quests.

Pen still attracted the creative
Decisions to take it ahead sprinkled
I smiled as words were set free
In the fall of the leaves.

Paradise unleashed in my home,
As a tiny tot took its step in
And transformed life of all
That were connected to its veins.

Laughs and some smiles, it gave
Wiping tears whenever they came
Lifeline was created in the hearts
Erasing all bitterness with his gibberish.

September flowered in all its glory
After effect of some nice story
Reunions, and lot of affections
Ruled life of all dear ones.

Learning new rules of life,
Was this new phase I lived,
Even in soiled hands and mess
I danced to tunes of my rock-star.

As I rejoiced in my freedom,
I sat down to pray again ,
Seeking only happiness around,
In months that change fates.


Written as part of Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year Contest-Season 3.

Also Prompted @Sunday Scribblings, Inspiration Monday, Poets United, OSI  and Thursday Poets Rally-Week 77.

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