Birthday Mania


When March ends, I am mostly glad. For that month somehow never suits me. And secondly, the next month is the month of birthdays. Sibling birthday and then obviously mine. April didn’t really started on a great note. A past came calling, rushing in the memories I left back. It made me realize, I mattered but then if I take that step again, I would have been destroyed. So, first time in my life, I took a decision with the head and resisted my heart. And I was proud I did so. But, then a slight isolated me happened. It wasn’t needed but made me realize who cares, so was nice.

Before I knew, birthday week started with bro’s birthday. Baked the cake successfully and was super happy. And before I knew, my birthday bells were ringing. First birthday, that I was so not excited about. After all me was getting old and didn’t really wanted to celebrate. But, then some friends are just too special to make you smile the umpteenth time. Calls started since midnight, and so many as I never expected. Wishes were flooding on talks, on texts, on social platforms, I was just made very very special. And special friends, made sure I know how much I was loved, even if not expressed. I was floored, for people who I expected to be there, were there. I thank my stars, inspite of it all, I do have friends, for whom I matter. And best is, blogging has given me some precious pals too.

First time, I never blogged for my birthday. Infact, April was complete no writing month. First time, I didn’t wanted a cake too. But still managed to bake a very delicious cake which is now my favorite too 🙂 Here , is a picture, for people interested 🙂


Last minute plans to dine out. Some nice Chinese food, in a breezing weather, made the birthday , just worth it all. Its true, when you don’t plan, your day goes the best and this birthday was one. And since I was a lighter weight me ,( reminds I have to again lose the stress weight I gained..booohoo) the picture ended up nice too.

Post birthday was no less, I again won a book for my writing ( I first won a first prize for my micro writing on 14th Feb 2012 which I missed conveying in previous posts.) And so the prize was a happy birthday gift.

Rest of the month was bit mention-less  as it was little more disciplined, stressful and involved lot of studying , as deadline was approaching. But somehow April was a sane happy month.

An echo from the past
Ringed at the first step
Scaring the wounds
I gained in roundabouts

A soft voice reached behind
Emulating the memories I hid
To extend the hand once again
So the crushing laugh is heard.

Strength I gained to thrash
What was no longer mine
And opened wings in arenas
That mark the new era.

Some sleepy birthday surprises
Wishes and loads of love
Unplanned , yet the happiest
Moments I live in a day.

Rose smelled early,
As calls made one sleepless
Wishes from loved ones
As I celebrate last of a decade.

Some wins, some losses
Lots of hardships, one aim
Work made one a better being
As some tough times gleamed.


Written as part of Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year-Season 3

Also Prompted @3WW and Easy Street Prompts

P.S. It was a task posting this post, since I write anonymously. I wrote it in breaks in a day, but then wanted to blog it out so did. Glad I did as it ended out a kinda happy post.

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