Tender Febraury

The soft ray of light coming across that window pane gives a smile. Holding on to that cup of coffee, I feel a  warm happiness within. The season change spelled a time change. It  was having it’s effect as the new month arrived. The one, people associated with love. For me, it was about friends and some moments of laughs with their sun-shines.  Memories of this month were always filled with affection. Be it decades back, or sometimes just years back.  Unions of love, of smiles, of laughs, of new born, of jolly.  Yearnings of the time that went by, and dreams of someday when laughter acquires different meanings.  A desire, a lost affair, a clinging, a loss and in between it all, I decide to give it all away, to move on.  Resurrection of the lost form, resolve to work like it all ends today, to finalize what I undertook.

Smiling at the rose petals that fall,
I ask the ray what you give and take,
I realize that lost I have many times,
But in all this, I was missing on me.

“I miss you” are words that come to me,
As I surf through old memories, and pictures,
Of the smile, and the carelessness inscribed,
Of the innocence, that didn’t worry of hurts.

Life took its turn, as maturity started creeping,
I am still lost in search of identity I make,
Yet, missed is the person, who stood for happiness,
Even when all that people saw was despair.

Time changed, season changed, and I stood still,
Then the wind blew,  taking me to a different land,
Where golden spoon gave way to just one’s own hand,
And I cultivate land not knowing what to find now.

Creativity smiled, and gave me the pen,
I still relish it like a dream eternal,
But life seeks more from the person within,
And await a day when sadness creeps away.

Month of resolves, and of love all around,
It left me with lot of light mindedness,
And missions to be accomplished, alone
Delightfully I resolved to see the year ahead.


Written as part of the Month of The Year Writing Prompt-2012-Season 3.

Also Prompted @ DVerse, OSI, The Sunday Whirl, Easy Street Prompts, Poets United

30 thoughts on “Tender Febraury

  1. Fun images of a person aging and discovering the joy of using writing to keep the explorations going! Or at least that is my impression.

    “But life seek more from…” –> “But life seeks …”
    “with lot of light mindedness” –> “with a lot …”

    [photos of yours? I looked for the credits]

    • Thanks for the corrections….
      Pictures which are not mine are from search engines…..so I credit them all in the notification in my side label….

      Being a clicker myself I know the importance of credits 😀

      • Ah, that is not the correct way to credit pics, btw. You might want to ask a friend to help show you more on the copyright stuff. The reason I asked is because your side column proclaims strongly your desire for copyright protection.
        I have made mistakes on my site in the past — and still do. Once, due to that, wordpress shut down my site for 4 days until I fixed it. Thought you’d want to know.
        Wow, it took you a while to get back to the comments .
        Happy New Year

  2. Welcome to OSI ~~ As they say, “life goes on.” I hope for some nice breaks for this young lady of your poem. Hint: I wasn’t looking for a lifemate when I met Mrs. Jim. There is a Santa Claus.

  3. so poignant… “with a lot of light mindedness”… gorgeous… if we all could just be more compassionate in our minds, toward ourselves, imagine how much more we would love everyone else too.

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