January Beginnings


As the new year whispered in my ears about eleven months back, I smiled and thanked it with the utmost care. After all, the year that went by was by far the worse year filled with downhill roads I climbed inspite of no desires. Today, as the year ends and like the last December  I sit down to pen my thoughts for this year. I wonder what exactly did this year gave. Nothing special compared to what all I expected. Yet, nothing worse happened, which makes me all glad.  It had its bad moments , and yet there were some beautiful smiles. So , by being part of  Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year Writing Prompt, I decide to de-fragment the year that went with some thuds, and loads of hurts , and yet gave me patience  to not leave herculean  tasks midway.

January brought hope. It brought snuggling in the blanket. Also, it brought some promises. Tasks I took first step towards. Healthy food habits and some weight loss ( which was useless as stress of later year made me gain double). Some positive mindset and some determination to make a new beginning this year and finding a new nest in a different location.

A year which has memories, I hardly bury away. Beautiful when I lived.  First year, in ages, I forgot to remember, the date and him. What transpired between you and me, still hold precious within. But the head finally said, it should stay in recesses I know not about.

Too much stress, bundled away in meditation, made me know the solution to health -mental and physical. I fainted in thoughts of the deadline I was preparing for years and clenched on to the strength I was losing. All work , no play rule came into life as I prepared for what this year was to be about. Prodding my mind, to work fast, to finalize a near perfect work, is all aimed. Looking in the mirror, at the face last December left me, I wonder, “Don’t I know you?” Only to start regaining what I was losing, even if I fail.

January hopes, sprinkled away
In the winter snow outside
Meditating for better tomorrow
Amidst health diets and hot showers.

Some tasks to be fulfilled, in hardships
The year promised, with isolated dependence
I smiled, in worrisome beings
For what I see, even in broken dreams.

Spirit high, in positive thoughts of tomorrow
Of written words and dreams of the read scribbles
Hopes and dreams, of miracles I lost
In years that went past.

Prayers of dreams, hopes of love
Friends, and enemies, rolled in one
In the year , carrying the number,
Of the birth, as I lost and yet wished.


Written as part of the Month-of-the-Year-Writing-Prompt-2012-season-3

Also Prompted @3WW, Theme Thursday, JP at Olive Garden, Sunday Scribblings, Inspiration Monday,  OSI


18 thoughts on “January Beginnings

  1. Ahhh December & Jan — the months of self reflection! 🙂 What I have learned in life is that a good/ bad year shouldn’t be defined according to whether or not good/bad things happened that year. A good year is a year where you learn something about yourself…a year where you grow as a person. And both good and bad things help you do that! Hope the coming year gives you (and me! ;)) lots of wholesome experiences to grow and become a better person.

    Miss ya! And, as always, great piece of writing my love! 🙂

    • 😀 😀 is what your presence here does to me 😀

      And your note just taught me some nice things and make me proud to know you 🙂
      I Miss you too love. Be more freee soon 😀 and thanks 😀

  2. Life is not about winning but taking part. Plans are great but if your dreams were not fulfilled perhaps something better came your way to distract you. May 2013 be good for you.

  3. L W,

    One needs to take life as it is without leaving efforts to achieve what one wishes for. May coming year be as you wish it to be.

    Take care

  4. The dreams, broken or not,
    Take us to a different land,
    One moment you are down the hill,
    The next, you are up in the sky.

    Don’t mind the thud of dropping,
    Don’t lose in the soaring heights,
    Don’t give up hopes and,
    Don’t give up the will to try.

    Liked the post 🙂 Keep writing…

  5. The year’s not over yet! I’m praying the next month and all of next year will be full of victories and happy surprises for you.

    Thanks for always bringing hope to Inspiration Monday. : )

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