Losing It All

Destiny revolves in a black vacuum
No light seen way deep in the sea
Hurt, tears, pain accumulate again
To push me in deep recess of ill fate.

People I call mine, all through
Find only wrongs in whatever I do
Cross lines, speak all that kills
To break the trust of whatever I held.

A line was crossed, I never imagined
Words never to be taken back, ingrained
For the test of life stretches way far
I was labelled, without any worth.

I hold my hand in fist, with self respect
For certain facts I never erase
Make these human regret , I seek
For I will achieve zenith, you never perceive.

A loser will rise one day, trashing egos
Stand high on the Everest, when you on plain
Then I will look down and say what you believed,
I am high in the sky, you are down still.

Naive I was always, but you know me not
Talents I keep hidden will make you regret
For they will take me places to make you bow
And then I will make you remember this day.

I regret what we have become, from selfless loved
Change we can never be, for someone else doesn’t want
One day , I sought to show them that you are far distant
By actions, that kill me  to a present lost being.

I resolve today, towards things you might never think
I forgave you each time, this time not
For you sought to snatch what was mine
And promise to make you regret, losing me, your own.


10 thoughts on “Losing It All

  1. where the hell are you ??
    Called you twice and left msg on whatsapp too !!

    And now the post , as always you touch the deepest emotions and stir them so well with your words ! sigh !

  2. impressively well written 🙂

    lovely aint it? the eye of the storm, that calm silence you perceive right before you go out there to hit glory? okay am going off the topic. but then you drove the thoughts insane at 6 in the morning.
    go out there. shoot as if you wont miss and you wont.

  3. L W,

    Feelings of one betrayed penned so truthfully. One is such situation should speak to those who one trusts to get over this kind of state.

    Take care

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