An Era Defining Me

Smiles is what I desire in this world reeking of darkness lost in corners of dust. Like a scarecrow hanging from lose gaps, it scares all positive vibe around. I aren’t sad, nor really happy, for life is one big decision, lost in vacuum of nothingness.  A retreat is what I look for, in this vibrant place of too much noise, just some space to analyse, of where I dreamed of going, of the zenith I can reach.

I run, I fight and then I briskly move away to a haven of nature. Detached from the world, for the small bits and pieces that interrupt the correct sight of the universe.  Inoculation I deserve, from the unhappiness I imbibe within, not seeing the bright rays that rise to speak of the life ahead, of the world I am yet to explore.

A guardian angel I forever encountered, in all phases of life, is lost somewhere. The first season I live where I see no halo of  the mystic, of the fragrant smell of guidance and happiness. Perhaps I haven’t been treading the path of thorn rightly to make them crushed or maybe the eyes are still lost in hollows of what I couldn’t achieve.

A promise I need. To myself. To destiny. To stop the speed of dark. The negative pessimism. And move to an era of defining- Me.

A wax statue stand upfront
With smiles that never went
Of bets of the tears
Which they never saw.

Then I remember that person
That it represented
A persona I once carried
A decade back in innocence.

I feel like searching that one
Who sought to make me cry
And ever since tears found
Ways in my destiny.

The golden spoon was snatched
Struggles found way always
And never to end still
So I can make a new start.

I am hoping for that ray
I can see in this bundle
Lost in notes of life
Which show happy paths.

I smile, rejoice, not escape
From the crushing of me
Laugh like it rains forever
Of only what I want.

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26 thoughts on “An Era Defining Me

  1. Maybe your guardian angel is still watching you and you just do not know it. I think once they are assigned to watch us then they must always watch us. This was a really nice story and poem. I enjoyed them.

    Thank you so much for sharing them with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. It was a great Angel story. Hope your weekend is blessed.

    God bless.

  2. This is very touching writing. It sounds like life is not exactly what you envisioned right now. In your poem you indicate we can always start again., choose another path. I truly believe that and wish you well.

  3. Defining happens as we live, try and look at things in new ways! Your angel is still watching you, just keep writing and trying new things. YOU might want to read this book
    “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron I love laughing like it rains…beautiful~

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    • Thank you so much for the appreciation and information. Downside of being on wordpress is anyone can copy paste your words….guess will have to look into getting it removed somehow…thank you for letting me know 🙂

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