Lost in shacks of the mistakes
Expressed way in the past
Wishing for what could be
I sought a path unknown.

Hopes and fear envelop me
Dreams I seek to conquer
Imaginations are all mine
Yet the feet refuse to move.

I struggle to find a way
In this dark jungle of life
Where all ahead is dark
For light I have to carve.

Expectations cringe me within
Insecure of my capability
I wonder of the proud feel
People give to one they love.

Life is giving me a chance
To show my own worth
Yet steps I refuse to take
For I have never chosen oneself.

I will falter, I will hurt
I will cry and I will break
The lost me just fearfully ask
“Will I ever conquer all?”


12 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I Just love it the way u write & especially when I can relate to some of the posts of yours, the words actually describe how I feel. But on the other hand reading Ur words is a unique feeling in itself..

    PS- Ur being Missed On Twitter. Hope Ur doing good.

  2. L W,

    Nice to see you back. One has to have confidence in self, then the impossible becomes i m possible. You can achieve what you set your heart on.

    Take care

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