A Short Break

Dear Friends,

I am going on a short break from the virtual world for few months to explore life and feel it within. As much I love to write, certain priorities need my time and hence I need to be away. You can always read my old posts and shower your love on this blog. I hope to be back before you guys realize. Till then remember me with my words……..

Words are all I leave behind
As I move across the town
To paint the sky and the sea
In color of my love.

I explore, I smile
I laugh and I discern
In the journey of life
In hope of some rights.

I want to love
And be loved
Lose some hands
And gain companions.

I will share it all
As I come back here
With hopes of embrace
And prayers of well being.

Negativity I want to remove
In this journey I take
Seek your prayers
Of success round the corner.

See you all around, with a blink of the eye, and loads of love ❤

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