Soak Me, No More

#SoakNoMore might bring lot many thoughts to different sets of people. For a housewife, it might be about no more soaking of clothes before washing them. For a workaholic, it means not having to work so much and maybe take a break. For water phobic, it means not having to take a bath everyday *dirty poo you guys are :-P*.  For rain haters, it’s about never having to face rains and get dizzy. Also, for most girls and women, it is about not facing the monthly ordeal their body faces and dancing  high up in the sky without fear 24X7.

Different people different views, and then there are others who might be reading this and wondering. Soaking in rain is bliss and how can anyone hate this and that. Then there are foodies as well, who don’t want to be soaked in vegetables they hate and for chocoholics its about being soaked in only chocolates whole day and for kids its about not being soaked in food their mothers force them to eat.

There are many passions I hold, so there are tons of things I would loved to be soaked in with pleasure, like soaked in food, chocolates, music, movies, books, dancing, writing, photography…..and the list goes. But not having to be soaked in something, would be an interesting introspection within.  Not being soaked into certain professional commitment would be a bliss and having to give all my time to my passions will be such an ecstasy. But then, one has to earn bread and butter. Only if one doesn’t have to and money could be  grown on trees and everyone could be rich at one’s will, life will be surreal indeed. Then I would also love if certain dishes never really existed. Soak no more in those healthy and yet tasteless dishes is so much love ( this includes various kinds of gourds).

I would love if I was no more soaked in weight issues and whatever I eat , it don’t add to the body fat. It would be awesome if one can have the desired figure without having to work for it. No more weight lifting, no more yoga and yet all is perfectly fine. Also no more soaking in health issues. One thing I hate the most is getting sick. But as fate has it, I am born with this sensitive body that falls ill at small instances and would love if these things stop happening and I can eat, drink, get wet and do all things I am otherwise restricted to do for fear of catching some virus.

I have been allergic to rains for few years in my life in the past but slowly I do not really mind it. I love it now for the hope it brings. Blame it on the heat my city experienced this time. I don’t mind soaking in rains. But soak me no more in extreme heat which seems like a furnace. Heat which kills people at time. Soak me no in tears which sometimes life gives and sometimes I get by seeing the sufferings the almighty gives on the human kind. Also for many years, another season I hated was winters and wanted it deleted off my life.

Then I realized, no season is good or bad, Beautiful or ugly. I might hate it for memories it gives or harsh it becomes. At the end, it is up to us to change it anytime with our perspectives. So, God soak me in all seasons as long you do it gently.

Soak me no more in ill health of aging parents, or hurtful issues my sibling faces. I also want to be soaked in blessings after all the sufferings of last few years, in success I deserve, the love I want. Peaceful sleep in night and laughter all around. Not being soaked in betrayal, in evil eyes, in opportunistic friends and in backstabber. Is that too much to ask?

Also, if lizards could ceased to exist or I don’t see them anymore would be awesome. Also mosquito and all those creepy creatures 😀 Also, if traffic jams didn’t exist and not even road rage and drunken driving, life would be so much nice no? Stage fright I forever carried and wished I never soaked in presentations or being center of crowd, but that is all lack of confidence I often had and I wish now I never be soaked in under confidence, for that is all that stays between me and the success I want. Someone once told me, Don’t let them see you’re afraid. And I guess that is something I need to follow.

There are tons of things I could write on this theme, but maybe sometime later. For now, I wish let me be soaked in love, peace, loads of creativity and some words.

Soak me in love of humanity,
Where hatred is a anomaly,
Wars exists no more
And weapons are long extinct.

I desire to not be soaked in fear,
Nor to be forced in other’s dreams
Living life like a dance
Where I write my own play.

I also wish to create uniquely,
Be it food, words, or even canvas
So that people smile at what I give
Laughter is what is lacking all around.

Cries I want none, nor helpless
May there be abundant food and even home
So no one is really underprivileged in reality
And hope and dreams be true for the larger lot.

I live in small dreams not many see,
Material gains I might want
But nothing is more surreal
Than the laps of my mother.

Today I soak you all with some thoughts
Of this closed mind, to let you dream
Of the home which is filled with smiles
Of babies and aged who bless you all round.

Also Prompted @Inspiration Monday, Short Story Slam Week 24.

This post was written as part of Indiblogger’s  ‘Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest‘


21 thoughts on “Soak Me, No More

  1. Very Nice, The Theme Soak No more gives a very negative feel and yet it is used very positively, Then Again I say, Not many people are capable in seeing the positivity In every Negativity.
    So well written *Pats ya back* Loved it!

  2. For me, the title was something related to sorrows ! to me, soak me no more into my own tears ! stop hurting me life. that was it but to my surprise it went into a new dimension. very b’ful.

  3. Yes! I love the way you use that phrase, soak no more. There is an innocent, yet weary, yet semi-comical hope in this. I enjoyed it.

    As far as viruses and things – did you ever try taking probiotics? That’s the good stuff in yogurt. They build up your immune system and counteract the negative effects of anti-biotics. You can get them in pills or chewable tablets. good stuff.

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  5. I love the word soak. To completely immerse oneself in something warm, soft, soothing and gentle until every pore of the being has taken it in.
    I’ve also had years of ill health and sometimes I think I soaked too long in a tub full of diabetes, cancer, pain, hurt and betrayal and while sitting there soaking in all that garbage someone had the nerve to toss in buckets of hot tears to make it worse.
    Lately however, I’ve been soaking in calming music, books, movies, love, laughter and family. I can feel all the other stuff just slowly seeping out of my pores and falling on to the ground because it’s being crowded out by all the good stuff in my life that God has sent me.
    I have to tell you that for a while there as I read this, I thought, “What the heck? Who’s been reading my diaries?!”
    Where I am now is a good place and that’s because of all the other stuff I went through before. I learned to appreciate all the good and wonderful things and to take each problem or struggle as it comes and use it as an opportunity to learn something from it.
    Very good write, very thought provoking. Job well done. Blessings!

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