A New Journey

A new path. A beginning of destiny I know not.  Roads of happiness it seems, or dreams only I see. I move ahead to uncharted territories in quest of what I desire.   Someday I desire to create a niche of my own, in a world so large.  There is a treasure that awaits me somewhere where the sun rises, but for now I just sit down to decipher, of what is yet unknown. I pledge to write and smile, even if harsh might be the world around.

I made a cut above the rest, when I stepped into the arena that I just finished. A vacuum befalls me, but it is one of hope, standing affront with a pamphlet of choices, I am clueless about.  I cried, I smiled, I endangered my existence and fought all hazards to finally put a full stop to what  I promised to finish.

I made some connections of a lifetime and learnt lessons of betrayal, of opportunism and meanness this world holds.  Some questioned my conclave and I allow them to enter, others bewitching eyes scared me, so I deny to listen to them.  Harsh was I to myself, and gentle to the ones who cared with true hearts. At the end of the day, I survived even in isolation and smiled for the tough lessons I learnt. There was time crush in culmination of goals, and the extra wishes of love helped me pass across. I am here once again to my promise to words, to write like the old times, conjuring my muse to shine on me, like old times.

Some hurt, some cries
Some fears, all mine
Scared Faith, lost belief
I conquered to take leap.

I stand alone yet happy
To conquer what I deserve
In a life all so small
World is opening up.

I bow my head in gratitude
To the almighty who stood
Tested me beyond limits
Yet made me come out alive.

A prayer on my lips wish
Of all I desire to fall
In laps of my destiny
Making designs of bliss.

I know not where I move
All I see is a fairy tale
Of sweet noting I scribble
 leaps of faith given by heaven.

As the home smells of contentment
I move even if I shake
Smell of the books call me forth
As I sit down to write my fate.

P.S. I am finally back after finishing the project that kept me away from blogging and hope to write regularly as long my muse agrees. I have lost the touch to write, so initially I might not be so regular but hope to be soon. And this time I am here to read you all as much I write.  Missed this place a lot. Hope you all are well 🙂

This blog post is also a way to thank TBG for it was for his promises, support, care and love that helped me sail through in the past few months. I am super grateful that I have a best friend like you. You are indeed my guardian angel. I wish it was possible to thank you in the acknowledgement of my work, but since you wouldn’t have liked that, take this as the grateful thanks  for all the moral support you give me  and how you never let me give up 🙂

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51 thoughts on “A New Journey

  1. Welcome back! I hope the project work was all good.. and it is ma pleasure to read you once again.. keep writing, I will be here to read you, always, either silently, or with my footprints..

    Someone is Special

  2. You believe in a future
    that you’ve carved for youtself
    A belief wrought with iron
    As the paths around you change

    All that I really know
    is that happiness lies ahead
    In one of those forks of life
    where destiny guides your fate

    The past is not yet a blur
    but the future is yours to choose
    I will walk alongside you
    in the guise of everything you use.

  3. L W,

    Faith & trust in self and God plus confidence that HUM HONGE QAMYAAB is key to success. Support of friends makes one strive more even when things look bad. Hope to see you often now.

    Take care

  4. I bow my head in gratitude
    To the almighty who stood
    Tested me beyond limits
    Yet made me come out alive….nice i love the humility in that…and it is good to see you…it has been a while…smiles.

  5. Wow, seems like your past few months have been pretty full and tested, to which you seem to have come out stronger. Your poem speaks volumes about your strength for survival and hopefully your muse will return with greater inspiration. I also love how the smell of books are calling you forth. There truly is something to opening a book and feeling it in your hands that somehow feels just right and makes one feel at home.

    May peace and joy follow in all you choose to do and write.

    Thank you so much for writing this and may we welcome you back home at Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  6. Welcome back darling…I am reading you after such a long time. My muse was on holiday from past few months so haven’t been able to write much…But finally its good to be back..

    I hope this new beginning leads you to your destination and success…Love ya…God bless you sweety…You hard work is all ready to get paid.. 🙂

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