Tales of Silence

Silence sneaks through the mist
Formed in the window stains
Revolving around the idea
Lost in world of its own.

World  built from illusions
Fate took along to destroy
Strength I had to move on
In the mimicry of great powers.

Crystal clear was destiny once
When I embarked on black waters
For I sought just negativity
In mistakes and wrong falls.

Common seemed my journey
Unusual was this long path
Waking up, sleeping alone
Cries and joys , nothing rare.

Falling up the stairs of silence,
A loud thunder reached my brain,
Heart wanted to converse quietly
Filter the diamond from dust piles.

A dream it saw in the long struggle
To give a moment of ‘Eureka’
Thick layer of fog it removed
To speak of the art I lost.

It sought me to be lenient
To the soft sparkles moving
In efforts to ameliorate, the hurt 
From the pains I lived for long .

Brightness of the sun entered
As I took a step one last time
In pursuit of happiness I moved
new beginning,  of words and tales.

Also Prompted @3WW, Sunday Scribblings, Poets United, Inspiration Monday, Weekend Wordsmith, Theme Thursday, Open Link Night and One Single Impression

P.S.  I seek forgiveness from all my readers for being away for months. It will take a while to be back but today was one of those days I couldn’t resist but to write.  I know my writing has regressed a bit due to lack of practice but hopefully you all can enjoy my thoughts. Hope to be back soon so I can read you all and write more. Hope I still get the same love from you all  like I did months back. Promise to be back pretty soon 🙂

38 thoughts on “Tales of Silence

  1. Visiting from Poets United Vice/Versa! Thanks for linking with us. You definitely wrote a fine poem here, incorporating a wide variety of prompts!

  2. A Lovely One.. Which makes me say.. Cheers to a New beginning which heads towards a far better future 🙂
    Totally loved it and every word reminds me how Much I’ve Missed reading U.. Welcome back..

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