Silence of Time

A small speck of time
Navigate in by lanes
Where the cerebrum crinkles
Telling stories I know not.

A pearl drop on the green
Leaves or flowers I don’t gather
Demanding attention of sound
In the quietness of the wrinkle.

Tears of the obscure modernity
Seen in that one rebellion
When I tell tales in whispers
Falling within smell of roses.

I laugh at the muse of words
Which seeks sanity to express
Believing in the feelings of touch
I walk across fields of grass.

Decades past since the fate wrote
Sadness of sheen spoke again
In transversal of decays around
I fringe at the final goodbye.

It stands still waiting for a voice
With reactions at every instance
Speech beholds itself this time
For the overwhelming emotion.

A deadly paper sits still
As I imagine rebirths of time
Still choosing not to tell
What this mind conceives.

I smile in lost words
Sending signals of time
To the nature filled souls
Telling of conversations eternal.

Infinite talks I lived within
Not with words of alphabets
But with rhythms I figured
In the silence of the universe.

A big Thank You to the Thursday Poets Rally for The Perfect Poet Award, thanks for the encouragement always, I nominate Noble for next week. 🙂

Also Prompted @3WWOSISunday Scribblings, Weekend Wordsmith, Inspiration MondayTheme ThursdayPoets United.

Also, thanks to that noble soul for the suggestion once again. You know who you are 🙂

30 thoughts on “Silence of Time

  1. I wish I could write what I feel after reading dear lady.. But words elude me as Im left in Utter amazement after I read the works of a Poetess who makes lost smiles reappear 🙂
    I always say U shud write more…

    Loads of Love..

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