Glory of Love


” A kiss”

“Offcourse, one needs to shut up to kiss”
“Grr….I meant shutup your stupid ideas”

“Now I became stupid, I thought you found me smart, right?”
“I guess all men become such once they fall in love”

“Love? What is that ….never knew such a thing”
“Hmmmph. Then who am I for you?”

“A stormy woman whose mind is always covered with words. “
“I am not asking your opinion of me but my meaning in your life”

“Now my opinion also doesn’t matter. You are a buffoon “
“So I am so detached from your life that I became a comic”

“Hahhahaha. It’s so easy to irritate you “
” Get lost”

“Sure sure. But my kiss?”
“Ask it from the innocence of your moon outside,  maybe it complies”

“It isn’t night yet, baby”
“Move away. I am going to make some food. I am hungry”

“Why do you jolt me sideways when you get irritated? Anyways, make me some chicken sausages too ?”
” How about having my foot?”

“Naaa. Then how will you walk ? Also, it wouldn’t be that tasty”
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh. I will kill you.”

“I will kiss you, my action packed girl ”
“Alas you can’t. Also, you are so wrong about me.”

“When you fight you are indeed one. And the sound of your lips speak to the silence in my eyes, darling”
“Stop, playing with words. It wouldn’t calm me.”

“You are already guilty to having fallen in love so only I can pacify you.”
” Love? Go to hell.”

“Love can’t , so we will but only together.”
“Hahaha. You are too much”

“But my love will never be too much .”
“Awww. Should I say that?”

“Naah not needed. Because you reside in my heart even if you don’t say, silly”

Two different souls
Opposite yet similar
Fighting to love
Surging forward  .

Eyes met long ago
Yet the child breath
Within to love again
Like spirit of unknowns.

Unaware of the world
Yet dream they weave
To make all it own
Catching the sun away.

Broken they once were
Tears in each eyes
Smiles of known seen
When friendship bloomed.

Today they still disagree
They still annoy and tease
They run off to disturb
Yet heart beats like one.

Innocence of love smiles
As he pampers her
She loves him abound
As life merge together.

Standing on the aisle
One day she dreamily smile
As he whispers softly
” You are only mine, till eternity”.

Also Prompted @3WW, OSI, Sunday Scribblings,  Poetry Picnic , Inspiration Monday, Theme Thursday, Thursday Poet’s Rally, Poets United


57 thoughts on “Glory of Love

  1. People say it right that wedding is not the ending, its actually the beginning of true love which get more and more intense with everyday romance. The romantic and teasy conversation between the couple was so fascinating and enjoyable.

  2. LW,

    The write up before poem built up a lot of interest. How I wish that all those who do have difference patch up like the ones here.

    Take care

  3. I feel like I am being a spy and secretly listening to a conversation. And it shows that opposites attract. This causes a great banter between the two.

    Love the poem that follows, great love story about enjoying their differences for an eternity.

    Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us for this weeks Storm Theme Thursday. Always a joy to see what you do with each weeks theme.

    God bless.

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