Siting in one corner of the world, as water swept past rhyming songs of death, she wondered, if life was really worth all the struggle. Brutal seemed fate to her , drowned in tears of blood,  where all she saw was gory and horrific.  If wishes were dragon, she would have burned every hatred within and embraced all the dreams she saw shattered one after the other.

It only seem like yesterday when in one of her sullen moods, she had said goodbye to the only one she trusted most with her life for over a decade. The energy she had put in the produce of the lifetime was today withered away as one bad memory of a lifetime.

It was spring outside, trees were all laden with colored leaves and smell of beautiful flowers filled the air with fragrance of its own. One tarnished soul sat at the crossroads of life where the question of life and death is what bothered her most.

What she didn’t know was what life had in store for her.

Across seven seas, he was smiling at the teasing of his sister who was eager to get him hitched. The picture of her was in front of him and a rosy blush on his face. He was denying any interest to everyone around but how could he deny the truth to himself. A man who never believed in love but was falling in love, not at first sight, but first glimpse of her picture. This was not the usual practical him, but then when paths and destiny decide to make things work, there isn’t any logic. Is there?

Two people miles apart, one thinking to end life over a broken heart. Another, thinking if the illusion of love is worth a try. But yet both are unknown to the fact that one day, destiny will bring these two strangers together to live a happy life together, as each other’s Soul- Mates.

Strangers are they
Siting in corners
Crying over the past
Fearing the future.

Unaware of the music
In rhymes of time
When flowers bloom
And rivers swing.

Tears will be pearls
Smile all magical
As love bird burn
In union of souls.

Souls meant to unite
Till eternity of time
Blissful marriage shine
As families drink wine.

Siting in one corner
Or running across seas
Romance will smile
At the beauty of cries.

Old joints will ache
When sea smile of old
Who still love close
With all their might.

Also Prompted @ 3WW, Inspiration Monday, Weekend Wordsmith, OSI, Thursday Poets Rally and The Poetry Pantry

36 thoughts on “Soul-Mates

  1. Hello.
    As one who lives for love, exists in the shadow of love & whose every footstep in life is guided by love, I truly believe love is eternal & will live on forever when all life around us is withering & dying. When all is said & done, love always wins (smile).
    Very vivid & soulful writing form you.
    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the visit too.

    Harp Of My Soul

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  3. lucky are the people who find their soulmates .. otherwise we can spend all our life time looking for one ..

    lovely poem and I do beleive that there is someone for everyone .. just waiting for the right time ..

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