Summer blues

Beautiful summer it was
Scorching heats of June
Your presence world felt
In cradles of joy you born.

Even though not on the day
We did rejoiced one birthday
Before celebrations began
In each other arms of bliss.

I never saw it as last
But it indeed was ending
When that creative gift
Made you cry in smiles.

A scrapbook of memories
I made from scratch
To make you cherish it
Till you breath your last.

Heartfelt rhymes I made
Scribbling colors of love
Out of ordinary made diary
Of years we lived together.

You smiled and smiled
To kiss me in each line
Your joy was what I wanted
In memories to relish lifetime.

You were only one I bombarded
With hand letters every time
And this one more expression
Of the world you meant to me.

We knew it was to end
But so soon it seemed to me
I wish the gift is still with you
For it was my last creative piece.

For the one who grew wings
Left me with no glow inside
To romanticize my world
And I kept wandering thereafter.

Eyes wet in  those beauty of rains
July brought in glory of the blues
Smiles to meet someone I loved
Union which wouldn’t last for long.

I never relish monsoon much
Dizzy is what rains did to me
I never understood the change
When I enjoyed it all as a child

Now realization dawn upon
As I saw what it was to giving
A canker to feel till eternity
I would wish to be foregone .

As the month was nearing ends
In  one of our pleasant meetings
Feeling  darkness of winds blowing
You end ‘special’ bonds between.

I embraced you one last time
Even if friendship we promised
Lonely windy night I remember
When I cried till my heart froze.

My heart never agreed to this
Pain it received for a long time
You gave no choice to this soul
I determined this was the last.

Forgiveness you sought after
Pains of separation we both felt
But  decision was to be taken once
For love was not enough this time.

Soul mates were destined to be apart
I spill it out from inside one last time
To espouse myself for all happiness
That now I seek selfishly after years.

Good bye I say to the bitterness
And to the hurt deep within me
I seek to fly in the dreams of love
My destiny fairies wrote faraway.

I smile once again in the spirits
To reach my goals I see within
I drive one passionate long ride
As I free myself of your memories.

Written as part of the The Month of the Year Challenge -Season 2

Also Prompted @Poets United, Be Kind Rewrite and The Gooseberry Garden


23 thoughts on “Summer blues

  1. Wow, this is relly penned well, what a struggle, powerful, the tears were felt, and the strength… It truly amazes me all of the hardships, and softships with go through in this life…
    Thank you. much appreciated, WS

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