Celebrations Abound

I seek happiness around
As the ‘fool’ joke mingle
In midst of the brightening
Of the celebratory ‘April’.

The month of the ‘births’
For the ‘mother’ of the house
And weeks and weeks of parties
In cakes and gifts of love.

Those ‘home’ parties I miss
Where the shrill voices mingled
With loudness of happiness
And we danced to glory.

I remember that last gathering
When we left the school to grow
Smiling in the noises of life
Stretching hand for world to catch.

Then life caught on to me.
And yet the house smelled
In mom’s delicacies of celebration
For we siblings were born years back.

It was God’s coincidence or irony
That he brought us on the same day
Just a week apart even if years apart
On different rainy days for our parents.

I still miss those teddies and chocolates
That ‘YOU’ used to hide in surprises
And smile of mine reached zenith
In idealism of my big ‘brother’.

Be it ill health or be it exams
Yet this month brought smiles
Or the reason of evil to end
For Almighty loved me extra.

The parties have ended long
The Siblings have seven seas between
Yet the love the friends shower
To make this month special of all.

There was someone I loved I lost
This year in the month of happiness
And with it God removed bad evil off
From the life of his ‘special child’.

I thank this month for coming
Post the despairing time before
And bringing laughter of time
To bless me with happiness forever.

Written as part of Β The Month of the Year Challenge -Season 2

Also Prompted @Weekend Wordsmith, Poets United and Thursday Poets Rally-Week 58


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