Gloomy March

Today I think I will go for some nostalgic moments with the Month I fear more than I welcome. Looking through the gloomy skies in the turbulent March I often asks the divine about the reasoning for the extra love in form of troubles it had often given way across my life in this month. This month when my giver, my mother was born has to be special. My brother brought home a wife in the recent past with the birthday in the same month and yet this month never really loved me.

I remember right from childhood, this month had love- hate relationship with me. Love in the first half when it was spend in preparing for gifts for mom or making ways to make it special and ultimately culminating in awesome outings on the d day. Hatred entered in the later halves with illness, hospital visits to what not and absolutely not and I abhored the coming of this month forever.  Though later in school this month was just about exams and studies so I never really noticed it.Thankfully the celebratory month came after it and the next month was forever beautiful for me.

College is one memory which mostly gave me beautiful memories so I never hated any month in it. It was just studies or studies leave in it and so this hatred got spared somehow.

And now I think of it in the past few years and I realize, it gave me heartbreaking news, tears, breakdowns, professional misery as well failures that killed me and to top it worse fights with loved ones. I think this month gave the worse in the past six years to last a lifetime. March meant just tears and tears but I still seek to say goodbye to it this year as hopefully next march would be either seeing some professional success or too preoccupation with work to realize its here.  I pray to say bye to the woes of March forever.

I remember you with tears
From that gloomy nights
To those sleepless days
Of cries that never stop.

Years went by alone
In hatred of you
Of the month of despair
I seeking divine intervention.

Heartbreaks I saw
Ultimate Failures I took
Complete breakdown forced
I died my ultimate death.

Today I resolve again
To not be fearful of you
To welcome you with love
Sweet as the scenting flowers.

I wonder of what divine writes
To have scared with turbulence
Maybe a fairytale destined
With a knight who is all mine.

Today I say goodbye to negativity
As the year is ending
Seeking only happiness
In prayers of faith of the Almighty.

Also Prompted @ OSI, Sunday Scribblings, Jingle Poetry and Theme Thursday.

This is written as part of the Month of the Year Challenge-Part 2, Hosted by Lady Nimue

35 thoughts on “Gloomy March

  1. That is a beautiful picture of the moonlight and I hope that next year is just as beautiful for you in your life. Just close your eyes during March and hopefully before you know it will have past and April flowers will fill your life with joy and lots of love.

    I sometimes believe that we need to find and focus on the good in our life instead of the ugliness out there in the world. I also know that this can be hard but we have to choose the road which we follow. I have taken those side-trips down the wrong way and through a lot of obstacles and have had to take a u-turn to continue on my joyful path in life. It does take work and many times I feel like giving up, but I just put one foot in front of the other and pray I can keep going.

    I cannot begin to understand what you have gone through but maybe by sharing it with others we can help you to keep on walking one step at a time. Always remember that one never has to walk alone because there are many travelers one meets on one’s road in this life of ours. Some will hold your hand, some will walk with you and others will stand on the side and cheer you on, you are never truly alone unless you choose to be, and sometimes we do need that.

    So kiss March in the arse next year and know you are on the path of its defeat. Nothing is sweeter than the victory over our past.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday, hope you will continue to share with us each week.

    God bless.

  2. passionate words wow.



    Hope that you have had a great Merry Christmas.

    Thanks for the delightful support along the way,

    Happy New Year.

    Share a piece of your poetry today at our poetry party today,

    Have fun!

    Sending you love and blessings.


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