Tracing the Footsteps Back ( Story Part 3)

For the Part 1 read here and Part 2 can be found here

Before she could say anything more, the intoxicated him was in a deep slumber. She got up from the same bed which had written memories of them before and decided to do a quick fix. Prior to anything, she decided to lay him properly on the bed. His touch was somehow still the same and the breaths even if smelly made her heart race a million times as always.
She somehow traced a blanket in the mess his room was now and put it over him. The deep sleep had already enamored him before she tried saying more. Today was one of those meaningful nights which was always lit a spark in their eyes but somehow the liquor baths which essentially signified his existence in the past has made his memory just too fragile. It was the same day today, they had met ages back and promised each other of meeting again once again to reignite the flame- before love loses its meaning. And she had returned today to give one last try to love and hope.

She decided to clear the mess that he was living in since the time she left. Flamboyance attitude of his was still very evident in the bits spread across the room. Life still spoke to him like a play and he was still aimlessly moving in a way which still worried her in many a ways. She knew he loved him but then life can’t be lived by just love. And today after all these years nothing had really changed. Infact, he had entered into much deeper shit of which no one could take him out , except maybe her.

She still remember the night when she left . The night when somehow life has stopped for him. And he has became a mere statue from a living being he was. Over the years, she had somehow wished that the scar of losing her will make some sense prevail in his mind and she might find a way to come back to him. But then life proved her wrong in many ways and he was still loitering around in the streets of worthlessness where she left him last. .

Again, tracing the steps back , she was here leaving again. Letting go off all that she gained over the years, she had come back for the only man she ever loved. Faltering was his steps, unsteady was his eyes and yet the heart knew no one but her and that was what brought her here once again. She was here to searching for the she once fell in love with, the one seeing who eyes sparkled of not just him but the world around. He was a promising future and someone people were proud to know of and she was his only gem. But then one day all just got lost in the gamble of life making him lose not only everything but even her.

Today, she had come here with a deep determination to bring that marvel back in his life, to make his hero someone the world could smile towards once again. Arguably, it took a lot of hates and pains to arrive here, including the pains by the ones she loved. But somehow she stuck.

The conversations which brought her here still rings in her mind. Those talks makes her wanting to shake him again and bring him back to his old self. Today she has no options, just one believe that -she HAS to find a way to prove to the ones she left behind…..

“Dad, I am going back to India”

“What ? You gone crazy? You want to go to the same mess which brought you to a standstill once”

“But I need to give one last try to the life I want”

“And the chance to one loser who must be loitering around in some shithole still “

” Dad, You promised me if I make something of my life you will allow me to do what I seek for one last time”

“Yes, I did. But that doesn’t mean I let you destroy your life with an asshole”

“Enough dad. I am leaving and with the kind of attitude you have I doubt I am ever coming back”

“Yes and spoil your life living like an insect.”

“Dad, I promise I will not just come out a winner but also make him someone you can see upto one day”

” Hahhahhaa. Losers can never be successful.”

“He will be. ONE DAY”

“And if he isn’t than the doors of this house are closed for you forever”

And with those words she left the house which was her world since the past few years. She left the house painfully which was her recluse ever since he was not with her. Tears were rolling down and the pain was killing her but then she knew she had to return to the one without whom her life was somehow incomplete. She knew she might be unsuccessful in her attempt but then she knew dying would be a better option then living a lifeless life. And with that scar of not giving one attempt at life, she moved forward. She was here in the same place AGAIN.

Today, she was standing in middle of a room which was actually a filthy mess- without air, junk food of weeks scattered around and which spoke of lifeless beings. Also, lay in one corner was a bed where slept a man who was living a rotten life in a way in which neither was he alive nor death . She had no idea how she was to make him wake up to the present and turn him into the man he fell in love with. But she has do it- for him, for her and for their love.

With these thoughts she started cleaning the room quietly in the darkness of the night in the hopes of transforming that house into home one day. And Maybe she will succeed- ONE DAY.

P.S. Writing something after ages. I know I have lost my touch but trying to maybe gain it back someday. Please bear with me till then 🙂


7 thoughts on “Tracing the Footsteps Back ( Story Part 3)

  1. after reading this i doubt if i can agree with you.. on losing the touch .. I can never be as good as you .. the story hit the cord somewhere if only life gives us another chance to do things all over again … I am sure with hard work she will succeed one day all the best to her .. Bikram's

  2. I disagree about 'lost my touch', not at all. Beautifully written continuation to a great story. I've been following the (now) three of you and you each at something new and wonderful piece to the story!

  3. S G,If this is after you say you lost touch with writing skills then I do not know what will this be if the skill was not lost. Very well narrated emotions in each person's mind. However I differ with you on one point, though one should have determination to do what one wishes to but at the same time one needs to face reality and not go overboard with emotions. Take care

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