Shattered Dreams

I still have distant memories of that day when his glances fell on me for the first time. I had almost fumbled in the dark and dropped my drink. His mesmerizing eyes held that power even then and they just made me more and more insane all through.As he approached me that night to have some flirtatious bantering conversation, my heart had skipped more beats than I could have handled.That was one crazy night where stars connived to keep us together and the passions rose in every second. Before I could even realize I knew I wanted him .Now or forever is what I never knew but I wanted to own him in many ways.

And I did make him my own as the dawn approached. The heart beats were enveloping the scent of passion and two souls were slowly making ways to become one

The night got over but the smile still lingered like it reached my soul. Slowly and steadily, a friendship surfaced between us and before I could even know the heart started beating. The numb heart of mine was again learning to live and was magically ready to love once again before I knew.
I knew he was sensing it too but the passion and desires were soaring too high for us to converse about it. Divinity was finding a new meaning in my life and happiness was slowly showing its face. Before I could even feel it aloud, my heart pronounced that it was in love.I also knew that I had to speak the language of love to the ‘knight’ of my dreams. I knew we started as ‘benefit’ companions but then world had revolved full circle and I wanted a new beginning and I decided to make that one start.It was another magical night and I had called him to the same place we met the first time. My heart was beating so fast that I would have totally collapsed. But there was serenity around me as I was again starting to believe and live once again. And there he came.His mesmerizing eyes still murdered me and I volunteered to be the victim. His smile still makes me go insane. But there was something different in him today. Maybe he had an idea of what I was to speak. So in a way it would be easier to confess it all.He came. We Kissed. And my new life was about to begin when he said what I had never anticipated him to say,
I am Married. And My life shattered into million pieces once again…….

Also Prompted @ 3WW and Sunday Scribblings

P.S. Even Though the end might be a bit saddening….I loved writing this piece…and there was something satisfying about writing it as I patiently wrote after ages… readers please don’t read it as a sad piece because for me it wasn’t …and who know what happens next πŸ˜‰

58 thoughts on “Shattered Dreams

  1. ahhhh how could you nabs….i had loved the passion and love they both shared and he was married….but if it was satisfying for you…I am glad…

  2. @Anwesa Well I loved writing it because of the intensity I was putting into it……so the end had to be a stealer πŸ™‚ Well lets see if I can write more on it …will try πŸ™‚

  3. @Shwe I knew this is the way u gonna react πŸ˜› Forgive me for it…..Well the end is like the forbidden….so there is charm abt it πŸ˜› ….but yes I love writing the whole piece and the intense emotions made it lovable….u only tell wasn't the whole piece except the end totally rocking πŸ˜€ ….and then all ends cant be fairy-tale so the anticlimax :PI am happy u enjoyed πŸ™‚

  4. i love the end more than the beginning, because beginnings are often the illusions of our frame of mind, reality starts later, I love real things than those first jittery feelings which are nothing but fucking temporary and no matter how much you force, those feelings just can't come back.those first times !!kudos.

  5. @Sona Bingo girl Bingo…u got it all right :)This was what I wanted to convey through this writing….because something about this piece was real….reality cant be bliss always :)First feelings r just first so we shd just cherish those memories and moments as once they go….they never come back……

  6. Remind me of one of my frdz. She was dating somebody she met on net and then she came to know that guy was married.And Voila ! she still continued saying it doesnt make any difference to her. Abhi she is married to someone else.

  7. beautiful story.. Reminds me of something πŸ™‚ well i would have hoped it didn ot end the way it did .. but anyway it did .. so good luck ot the both of them in theier separate paths .. I HOPe for the sake of god they dont do this lets be friends routine now .. πŸ™‚ Bikram's

  8. @Bikramjit Every story is real in many ways so that's why the unusual end…as it happens :)The 'Being Friends' never works when u have been in a relationship….its a complete recipe for disaster.

  9. Life is full of surprises. It is not always that every story has a sweet romantic ending. So, this story becomes more real bcoz of the unexpectedness. Enjoyed reading it.Keep writing!

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