Friend You Are


A smile, A joy
A tingle, A laugh
Wipe tears, smell rose
Friend you are.

I cried all along
Crushed was spirits
Gave wings to walk
Friend you are.

I lost all of dears
Isolation manifested destiny
Eyes you became
Friend you are.

A omen I search
Erratic life I lived
Fighting as you heard
Friend you are.

Luminous light you became
Inspired to show glow in end
I smelled some beauty
Friend you are.

I still remember that day
When I cried whole night
And one hurt sound made you run
Traveled miles to smile me
Friend you are.

You still inspire me
Make me believe in being best
You push me to socialize
I reject and you come again
Friend you are.

Birthday you forget
And yet reminders you keep
Flirt you do to keep me gleam
Your wife loves me more
Friend you are.

You gave me dreams
Inspired to see I win
Tired of life I was
And then love succeeded
Friend you are.

Life might take us away
Friends I might lose
No one might be there
Friends we are.

And yet I know one thing
I did good in life
For atleast one friend
Will be beside to smile
For friends we are.

Also Prompted @ 3WW, and One Single Impression.

P.S. Dedicated to the You -Yes you who can read yourself in this poem. Yes Mr. Kakkar – Love you for being you.

This is also dedicated to the friends who are there for me always ( Yes Ms R you are one of them but just ask ur office people to make u work less 🙂 ) And yes LSL ( My twin) you make my day happy often too and now I am not letting you go in hiding 🙂

Also thanks a lot Archie and Tbg for the friends you are and helping me out of sadness often. You are just out of the world 🙂

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