For Love Is All We do

You remember the time
When you held me first
And took me along
Sweets you distributed
As your ‘gem’ was born
For love is all you did.

I remember not the first smile
But you captured it all along
The pictures of the tiny me
Laying in your secure lap
For you were my ‘second dad’
For love is all you did.

Remember those school times
And remember my birthdays
When the chocolate appeared
Along with my favorite teddy
Which became my secret keeper
For love is all you did.

Meaning of surprise I learnt
And late night movies I saw
Unafraid of the dark
Eating pizzas and pastries
With the licking chocolate I miss
For love is all you did.

I still remember my friends
Teasing me of my idealism
They searched for my Romeo
And I rambling about you
For proud I wanted you be
For love is all you did

I still remember those blank calls
And being the messenger of love
And those calling visits
Leading to eating outs
Midnight scoldings I took
For love is all you did.

I remembers those locks outside
And the hard studies inside
I remember the stern look
And the extra pampering thereby
Proud grins seen when I succeed
For love is all you did.

Times changed fast
Distances miscommunicated
Your love became compulsive
Worried was you of me
For parents aged faster
For love is all you did.

A stranger walked her way inside
Hated she the preference for me
Jealousy made her witch talk
And comparisons aroused
She infests as you love
For love is all you did.

Your baby grew finally
And so did you with time
Mature discussions
And disagreements
I now thought and acted
For love is all I do.

I know you want the best
We are alike and we know it
When no one interferes we laugh
And fight childishly in all rights
You still pamper and I still spoil
For love is all we do.

I know time is tough
I cry more and you worry more
Sensitive is what family makes
But I jumble talks to hurt less
Time will change and you will see
For love is all we do.

One day we will think alike
And embrace each others pain
Cry we will and laugh in splits
Naked heart talks we will have
For love is all we do.

You is all I call mine forever
We define family dependence
And we will stick till the end
Unbreakable bond we share
For love is all we do
Till death do us apart.

P.S. I miss you Bhai and I love you loads.

26 thoughts on “For Love Is All We do

  1. aww that was simply soo sweet!! bond between siblings is something really special..we can be best friends, parents, secret keepers for each other and yet a time comes when we drift apart for some reason..This bond has to be cherished and lived all one can… 🙂

  2. I cant forget the fay my sister was born. My god,it was the most beautiful feeling to hold her in my arms.It was the happiestday of my life when dad put her on my lap. I loved the way she smelled. And her skin used to be sooooo soft. And now that she is grown up, she has turned into shrewd girl. But I still love her and she will remain my angel till I am alive

  3. This is the amazing work, i ve read in recent times!! superb!! I wondered, it suited even better if it were dedicated to parents. Its lovely!! :))

  4. S G,I am sure that love between you two will never fade. Also he surely understands you but may not show it openly as you have grown up to a fine young lady. Beautifully penned.Take care

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