Love I Breathe

Dreams I visualized,
As I conceived you,
Happiness encircled me
As I wished seeing you .

Tears swelled my eyes
As treasure I held
You transformed my life
A ‘mother’ was born.



To you, he surrendered
Tears dampened his face
Glory shined with pride
As his ‘apple’ was born.


Your skids incensed me,
Your kiss melts me,
My world you complete,
As heart beats within you.

Today you conquer dreams,
Knight awaits his bride,
A vacuum teases me,
But pride bids fairwell.

Memories imbibe my life,
Eyes fell on a random scribbling
“Momma remember always,
‘A daughter is yours first all her life'”
Smiled I, as your growth I see.

P.S. This is my salute to the selfless love parents all over the world who live just to see us smile. This world isn’t a bad place really because of your love and determination and with the love you all give. 

39 thoughts on “Love I Breathe

  1. this is so beautiful!your rendition of the selfless love parents have for their kids is totally commendable:)i loved this post and btw nice choice of pictures:)loads of love,tarunima

  2. this is a beautiful tribute to that love of parents and epic in the scope of the lives of the kids they love…the bearing, caring then leaving to let them live…nice one shot.

  3. Absolutely wonderful post!Loved the line "and a mother is born" coz really less apparent than the birth of the child, is the birth of the mother in who bears it:-)

  4. S G,I plead guilty of not visiting earlier and loss is totally mine. Read all pending posts. No words would suffice to say anything more than that it has been beautiful experience to see such nice pictures with such befitting accompanying words. This one has really made an impact on my mind. Lucky will be the family, not just the husband, which you join after marriage. Take care

  5. You forgot grandparents!This just so reminded me of the day I first became a grandad.Truly wonderful piece strengthened by some fabulous images.

  6. Parents..You know as of recently, i have grown more and more appreciative of there selfless love…and you just reminded my again in such a beautiful way…brilliant and heart touching…

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