Snuggled in the deep corners of memories was hidden a glimpse of ‘happiness’ which I forgot in the recesses of life. Touched was the palms of destiny as I flipped through the moments I chose to keep aloft from the within.
Hathon ki lakiron me
Likha tha kabhi tera naam
Chu ke tunne jo wo pal
Thaam liya mera jivan
( In the lines of my hand
Was written your name
By touching those moments
You paused down my life)
Ankhon ki shararat thi teri
Machle man ki ulfat thi meri
Jaane kab wo lab bol gaye
Jo jaane na tha dil mere
( It was the naughtiness of your eyes
Or the affection of my restless heart
I didn’t know when the lips spoke
What even the heart didn’t know)
Andekha khwab ankhon me bana
Sukoon tha uss be zubaan chune me
Neele asman ke parinde the hum
beghane par sabse apne the hum
(Invisible dreams were created in the eyes
Relaxation was felt in the silent touches
We became the birds of the blue sky
Strangers yet the most dearest we became)
Yaad hai tumhe wo subah ke pal
Wo neend ki angdai lene
Sametna apne bhahon me
Aur sharma sharmaye ka pyaar
( Do you remember those moments of the morning
When you used to stretch yourself in sleep
And took me in your own embrace
And moments of shy love)
Wo haasi hai yaad mujhe
Aur gudgudi hogi yaad tumhe
Wo gheeli ghas me chalna
And cham se girke tum me samana
( I remember that laugh
And you should have remembered those tickles
Those walks in the wet grass
And falling in instants to fit into your arms)
Samunder ka pani aaj bhi yaad karta hai hume
Jab wo pathar padte hai usse
Bhige hoye hum aur bhadakte hoye tum
Wo hatho me hath aur kadmon ka sath
(The water of the ocean still remembers us
When those stones fall over it
The wetness of us and the angry you
Those hand in hands and those togetherness of steps)
Ankhon me aksh de gaya koi
Jaate jaate bewafai ka sabak sikha gaya koi
Humne to lahoo jalaya tha mohabbat ka
Zindagi bhar ka nasoor de gaya koi.
( Someone left tears in the eyes
Someone taught lessons of infidility while going
We burnt the blood of love
Someone left a canker for life.)
Khushi mili tumhe
Dard jo diya humko
Duaayen meri abb na tere liye
Mere upar wale ko jo tumne rulaya
Totte hoye khwab abb jagir me tere
( Happiness is what you got
Hurt is what you gave me
My prayers are no longer for you
You made my God to cry
Broken dreams is what is in your destiny)
Also Prompted @Wordless Wednesday and @ Thursday-13

29 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Hiiiiguess who is dropping in? :)now this is one poetry that has romance blended with some serious powerful emotions that ones feel through it :)Wonderfully penned :)Take care…Cheers,Arv.

  2. The first few stanzas got me all nostalgic and reminded me of when my bf and I used to be together in the same god damn country..when we had just started dating! 😛 Very well written…it's good to have you back 🙂

  3. I think the English translations don't do it justice, the hindi poetry is particularly enjoyable! (to those who know the language anyways) :)Keep scribbling. & try to find a better template 😛

  4. I have just one word for it nabs…WOW..,you so make me wanna translate my hindi ones…I completely loved it…I know I am late…I am here after ages…Exams just got over…

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