Eyes closed in wonder
Adamant to revive itself
Desiring what it lost
Zest to feel life breaths.

Jinx was to be broken
Fabrication needed spotting
Stunned time is to be pushed
Ahead in the journey afar.

Heart shattered in pieces
When dreams found no place
Ambitions forced to replace
Yet legs refused to move anew.

Peculiar was way of destiny
When it moved the shine away
Sparkles turned into tears
Stunned was the inside
As blood solidified itself.

Unknown in belief as it lost
Confidence found way to the sea
A statue found place of the human
Dragging each day to die passionless.

Love lost all its meaning
Care never could move
Directions were not there
As I strolled to search within.

A journey of change awaits
Freshness which it guarantees
Happiness could be brought
If positive news brings the smile.

Love around is rejuvenating
The dead spirit inside flows
Yet I pull back forcibly
Unbelieving in gaiety emotions.

I once again decide to move
Letting destiny to decide
Trying to put that smiling face
In hopes of the revival of me.

Also Prompted@ 3WW

22 thoughts on “Revival

  1. Whoa !!! loved this one ! I love all you write anyway .. makes me miss writing such love filled painful verses though !hope you are doing good :)The lines i love best and can relate to were"Peculiar was way of destiny… inside"

  2. Wow , lovely poem ..nice flow with so much emotions pouring amazing.yeah sometime we get the experience of both world which is protected by selfless love to and fro people around us.Nice read 🙂

  3. Hey Girl, I hope you take part in my 'Friends Meetup Party' this Thursday on my blog, "the perfect line". I'll be looking forward to having you there 🙂 Consider this a formal invitation 🙂

  4. S G,Emotions felt after set back very nicely brought out. The last stanza shows determination like phoenix. If it is actual happening, wish you best of luck. Take care

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