Moving On

It was indeed an accidental affinity that brought us together. There was a certain rawness in my experiences of life and that led me to believe. Faith overpowered everything my eyes saw and love was all that defined this relation. That was the reason that every mention about you still makes my heart miss the beat which you left. A fidgety experience is what I feel even as my eyes befall your image making me neglect all that was negative and unfaithful. I let you go once in the lifetime but the fellowship of being still stayed which prevented believe in whatever I heard. Then a blow flew me off the hood when the neglect reached its peek and the hurt couldn’t take it more deciding to blow it all away like the sprinkles of magic that still have a stopover in my hands. I let you flow off without waiting and removing off the friendship that defined me to move on and create another stage in life. And here I say my final goodbyes to certain relations that stood by and defined me.


25 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. S G, Read all pending posts. Last one I had commented upon made me feel so happy but these make me feel so sad. I really hope and pray that these are fiction. If not, I am really very sad and pray for your happiness again. Take care

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