Broken Bonds

The eyes blinked in phases to give rest to the tired mind. As I tried to deviate my senses, the hand passed a closed envelop set in a corner. Closed with a seal of kiss it smelled of a remarkable occasion. Moment of love and passion were filled in the memories of such kind. Along with the resealed missive was the image of my lifetime. The love that couldn’t last and the legal bond that shattered.

Bride I became for love of thy
Hearts were long joined in unity
Smell of that kiss still lingers
As I feel how quick were your fingers
Closed was my heart to any deceive
All I believed was your presence till infinity
Memories I gathered till I lived
For life was just you in all light
Until the day came when you lied
All ill treat was taken for sake of love
I agreed to suppress my desires for need of you
Until the day arrived when all was to be faked
And you decided to kiss with a false tale
You moved out with what was the ‘ other’
Calling me as obligation you hate to cater
Signing the deals we broke the bonds
I still sigh when I live wishing for a warmth
Today life came a whole circle
When you signed another break with your ‘other’
I wondered what was it that made you switch
Calling love as repression you had broke all
I wonder why did you end the fairy
Tales of love where you were the knight
And I was the kissing fairy of love
Confessing of your beat rhymes
As imprinted in my heart
I stay searching for the moment
When I had dedicated myself till eternity.

Also Prompted @ 3WW , Jingle Poetry and Poets United

20 thoughts on “Broken Bonds

  1. you know, that is a very touching how you've described the feeling and everything there.i've just got brokenhearted myself so i daresay that your poem captures the mood're very talented, you should make a book of your collected poems !

  2. I am sorry I know U r going through a bad phase baby..but I kind of don't believe in relationships anymore.I love how u your flow of emotions packed bfully with right words at appropriate places.tclove..xx

  3. That was really very touching!! I mean, the line- "Calling me as obligation you hate to cater" .. OMG.. That hurt. Nabila, been a long time since I visited your blog. You can weave words into emotions. :)Cheers..!!Arjun

  4. saying 'i love the way you write' doesnt sound appropriate, especially when considering the meaning of the poem.But i do. Every single line has such a strong emotion behind it, its impossible not to have a heavy heart after reading it.Its really…. lovely.

  5. Heartbreaking, beautiful, and stunning poem on love. The end of a fairytale is full of so much pain but I pray the heroine finds her way and loves again. Also, thanks for the kind comments on my site dear!!

  6. Greetings:Thanks a lot for your contribution to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I am placing your link to our blogroll within two days, hope to see you share your poetry with us tonight…Always, your input is valued…Happy Sunday!Love, xxwelcome join poets rally as well, thanks.

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