Ashes of Time

The conjoining of hands were seemingly the last time they had. The last time before what seemed like a conniption ended it all. But then that was for better before the love they shared turned into hate. Their life together was all bliss but then something made it all janky.

As she went off to lay her head in laps of dreams, he picked up his baggage to quietly scooch from the dreams they laid.

HE (in thoughts): I wish someday down the line you think of me like you do today.

SHE (in thoughts): I wish in those moments of glory you remember the girl who would be still waiting for you.

And then one more love story ended in ashes of time.

Also Prompted @ 3WW


33 thoughts on “Ashes of Time

  1. The old adage may just be true….tis better to have than not, eh? I have plenty of fond memories of ex's that I hope the best ofr and wonder why it may have gone wrong.Nice job.

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