Pages Say It All

An evening spend

In laps of beloved
Key of success
Open happy smiles
Wonder in life glories
Of crisis of ascertaining
Meaning of the worlds
Which is lived all gloomy.

A moment spent
In clock tickles
Scents of rust
Kept in flowers
Of dried leaves
Moisturized eyes seek
What was all mine
A passion enveloped
Way past in time
Of the hues lost in wine.

Scribbled words
Scattered thoughts
Dimmed in lights
Of what went lost
Drops of tears
Taken in the cuffs
Of displaced words
Alone lines sniff.

Burned flames
Speaks history
Of crimes and bloods
Crimson in thoughts
And flared in fires
Destroyed in itself
In seeing ravages
Of times which burnt
To save it from disgrace
Which embedded said.

Another story
Writes today
To become the past
In drizzles of coffee
Of entwine fingers
And roses that smell
The charm that falls
And kisses that pass.

Love stories made and remade
In laps of the pages
That turn to make some
And to say some
With kisses of the heart

They saw it all.


36 thoughts on “Pages Say It All

  1. Hey hi,finally here to comment..You said it right, pages say it all, even after the things aren't same.. Even after the world's long back left.. Pages keep the things intact, afresh, alive in the folds.. Beautiful.

  2. So many emotions wrapped in words .. deepest hurt and happiest moments are put on same page , and that can happen only in love . Loved ya poem gal , and trust me , this wasn't just a scribble !!

  3. I love the patience you have put into writing these beautiful and touching verses dear!Afterall, love is the be-all and end all of everything!Lovely photos and verses! Perfect!

  4. hmm.. patience is something scribbler knows quite well.. though like Ice says, this aint no scribble! :)every story written such will be past at one time or another.. loved the ending best!

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